After years of endless dieting, this RNTer drops 14 kgs and gets lasting results

This RNTer’s decision to join RNT wasn’t just about fitness; it was driven by a deeper understanding of the importance of holistic well-being, advocating it for her family and yet not implementing it herself.

Before RNT, she felt like she was stuck in a mental tug-of-war. While on the one hand, she felt fortunate to be healthy, on the other, she felt like she was settling for less. 

She knew that if she prioritised her health more, she would unlock a more healthier and energetic version of herself. But even with this knowledge, she wasn’t actioning it. 

Then, two significant events shook her out of this state of limbo. First, was when her father came down with unexpected issues..  

“My dad almost overnight lost his mobility. Simultaneously, he suffered a separate secondary issue. At the time we didn’t know that this latter issue had also impacted his mobility. 

When we approached his medical team, due to the mix of events, they were focused onsurgery. However, we made the decision (not lightly) to prioritise the physiological, with simple exercise-based realignments, which gradually restored his mobility. 

Six months later, during a family getaway, he was actually climbing his way to the top of a hill. 

Witnessing his progress was inspiring, yet it highlighted my inaction! I’d been there when his medical team were advising surgery, yet I’d pushed for prioritising movement. I saw first-hand the power of simple movements and being physically active. But I was not practising what I was advocating. That was the wake-up call I needed to take action.”

The second wake-up call came during a trip to a rainforest eco-lodge. Looking at her photos, she realised they didn’t reflect how she felt internally. 

“I remember sitting in this eco-lodge in the middle of a rainforest one evening, sharing photos amongst our travel group. When I saw photos of myself I was shocked. The photos didn’t represent how I felt. Internally I felt so much stronger than I looked. Another switch went off in my brain. It was time to get the foot off the brakes.”

Trialling fitness plans before RNT 

This RNTer had experimented with different strategies to drop excess weight and feel strong and healthy. 

Despite trying multiple programmes she felt permanently stuck in a yo-yo cycle. 

“I remember feeling like I was in this vicious cycle. I’d have a few good weeks and then get derailed. I would try to get myself back on plan again with a few more tweaks, but would soon slip off track again. It felt like maintaining an optimised state of health and fitness couldn’t be done without trading off with something else I thought I valued (work, travel, time with loved ones). It just seemed impossible.”

She had even worked with a personal trainer to regain strength after having been unwell. 

“I wanted to get back to some sense of normality, then work on maintaining and then gaining strength. At first, I did regain some semblance of balance, but it didn’t take long for that to start slipping. I was back at square one.”

After so many failed attempts she just gave up. Other aspects of life took primary importance. 

“In reality, it was because I was on such a good track with work and other aspects of my life. So my physical well-being dropped down the order of priority. Until I decided enough was enough and joined RNT.”

The push to transform 

After signing up for RNT, she found herself questioning her decision to sign up.

The prospect of a new work role added to the complexity, triggering familiar doubts: 

“I found myself worrying if it was too much change all at once. My immediate thought was this will never work. I’ll have  to choose between prioritising this work opportunity and RNT, and one would need to drop.” 

However, a realisation struck: she needed to shift her perspective and approach. 

“I realised that I had to shake off this notion that there had to be a trade-off.  Both were  opportunities to grow as an individual. I could take on both. I just had to get smarter about it. With the  RNT team’s knowledge,I was so sure, there would be a way to navigate whatever was going to come up. It took the guesswork out.”

For her, signing up for RNT meant putting an end to the constant yo-yoing. With the coaching team backing her, she knew she could finally make progress. 

Embracing the RNT process

After the initial hurdles of adopting the new food and exercise plans, she was geared up and ready to dive straight in. 

“Very simply, I have loved the RNT process. I won’t sugar-coat it, it was hard at the start. The biggest challenge was changing my lifestyle. My social groups are ultimate foodies, so I had to take a break from that for the first few months. 

Explaining to my friends why I was opting out of meals or declining invitations to meal-centred events was awkward at first. But then it got easier and easier.”

She found she got the most out of the accountability element from the coaching team. 

“I remember checking in with my coach and letting him know that my entire week had gone off track. I was always ready with plenty of justifications. But when my coach challenged every one of those justifications, I started to introspect. The check-ins forced me to dive deeper and reassess my priorities.”

Adopting a new identity 

About four weeks into her journey with RNT, she found herself unexpectedly thrust into a new role at work. She was given a tight timeline of just four months to achieve results. 

The reality of the situation hit her quickly: she needed to prioritise, plan meticulously, stay structured, and adapt to new challenges on the fly. There was no room for hesitation: things simply needed to get done.

In a remarkable twist, this new role mirrored everything she was learning with RNT.

It became clear that focusing on her own well-being aligned perfectly with her approach to her job. 

Those four months were a whirlwind of success, albeit accompanied by undeniable challenges. Yet, they pushed her to her limits in a way she had never experienced before, forcing her to operate with unprecedented focus and efficiency.

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