After 9 Years Of Yo-Yo Diets Kishan Got Into The Shape Of Life In 1 Year

Being bullied during my time at high school and the constant reminder of cardiovascular diseases in my family I knew if I continued living an unhealthy lifestyle and staying at 15st with a 36 inch waist when I was only 16 years old meant I was going to be in trouble.

In addition to being bullied because of my size and weight during high school I knew I didn’t want to remain at the 15st weight moving forward especially with college and uni. So I joined the gym hoping for results!! So I did what most amateurs did, ran tirelessly on the treadmill and lifted weights using online generic programs without seeing the results I wanted, which was to get me lean and muscular. After 9 years of yo-yoing diets and gymming it finally hit me that I needed help.

When seeing people’s transformations at gyms I was always skeptical of the results – are the pictures photoshopped? Did they do it naturally? I also enquired after getting help from PTs at my gym but even then I was not too convinced they would be the ones to get me to the best shape of my life and coincidently the day I was planning on signing up to a PT my cousin Biraj’s transformation dropped with RNT – at that point I found my answer. I was a RNT member within 24h. Hands down – the best decision I made was investing into myself through RNT as it simply acts as a vehicle to transforming lives.

I’ve been working with RNT for over a year now and I cannot speak highly of them. Not only had they accommodated my lifestyle and initial dietary requirements but they were available whenever I had questions, or needed a motivational boost. Not being as educated as I am now (with more to learn) RNT taught me the importance of nutrition initially through a set meal plan followed by a macronutrient target strategy once I had become accustomed to macros and what constituted as nutritional clean foods.

Furthermore, with holidays planned throughout the year I learnt and understood the ins and outs of buffering. Ultimately this all meant less decision fatigue as everything was planned around me all I had to do was execute the plan and see the scale numbers and waistline drop. They knew when to push me to my limits and looking back taught me a lot about the person I am today. Being on the cusp of signing up with a PT before joining RNT, I knew I made the right decision joining as this was not a generic plan but one which was tailored to me. The consistent in-depth feedback showed how much RNT was invested into my journey which gave it the extra touch. I look forward to our journey together as I build upon this foundation.

Without RNT I know hands down that I wouldn’t have been able to get into the shape that I achieved. The results and pictures highlight for me a milestone at the halfway stage of my transformation but also that with dedication, the right mindset and consistent hard work you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart on. Throughout my journey and as people (including all the doubters) noticed the transformation.

I have had the privilege of proudly telling them how I achieved this and have introduced them to RNT – a couple of whom are now on their own journey.

Now, RNT is a way of life and the habits are instilled in me. I know they will be everlasting and I can pass it onto my family and friends. A friend (who later joined RNT) asked me, will joining RNT be the best decision of my life? I told him to keep me posted and to let me know in 6 months. For me RNT is a non-negotiable! It is a life changing experience.

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