Dhiraj · Checkpoint

Always Active, Dhiraj Quit Spinning His Wheels To Finally Be In The Shape Of His Life, For Life

I always used to eat healthy and workout regularly. In college, I played varsity squash and after graduating kept up by playing in amateur tournaments. It was only 2 years prior to RNT that I took up weight lifting, as I wanted to build more muscle. Pre RNT I did not have the knowledge base around nutrition or correct form for exercises. The whole RNT journey was an eye opener as it forced me to think of my diet and nutrition in terms of calories and macros especially in the CTP and Process Phase. I really began to appreciate food a lot more and became very self-sufficient in the kitchen, being able to prepare tasty meals adhering to macros. My spouse was also very appreciative of my new found culinary skills as a result. The Grind however was a true test of my limits and stretched me physically and mentally. My family helped me through that phase, as I hit low points with mood swings many times around The Grind. As I approach the Investment Phase I am a lot more self aware of my priorities in life and how to go about optimizing my day, so that I can be a better version of myself for everyone around me, be that at home or in the professional workspace. I look forward to continuing to achieve higher operating standards, as I progress along my journey.

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