· 27 Feb 2022

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Am I On Track? (6 Weeks In) | Road To Vegan Shredded w/ Akash Vaghela

Welcome to Episode 2/6 for my #RoadToVeganShredded 🚀🌱

This series is all about taking you behind the scenes about what it takes to go to the extremes of body composition and high performance, whilst on a vegan diet!

In this episode, I take you through a monster leg workout, show you some awesome vegan recipes, and give you a 6 week update on my journey, and whether I’m on track!

Here are the timestamps:

00:44 - 6 week update into the Road to Vegan Shredded
01:31 - Weight dropped to…
04:16 - Goal for February
04:47 - The Void
06:01 - Training with Dr. Minil Patel
08:56 - RDL tips
12:50 - RDL form from 10 years ago (shocker)
16:21 - Hack Squat tips & widowmaker
24:25 - Leg Press rest pause set
25:29 - How to keep your elbows healthy
27:08 - Game plan for February
27:50 - 2nd meal of the day
31:04 - How to get beach lean in 6 weeks
32:27 - The Tempeh dinner


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