Amee Joined RNT, And Built A Positive Relationship With Her Own Self After Years Of Negativity

Amee had been struggling mentally and emotionally ever since the lockdown. She had a successful career and was in a happy relationship but she still struggled with anxiety and depression.

Although Amee knew that being more active was the answer, she didn’t know where to start.

Which is why when a neighbour told her about RNT and had emphasised the fact that RNT wasn’t just a “quick fix” but an all encompassing, holistic fitness programme, she knew she had to sign up.

1. What were the series of moments that led to your “trigger” moment to begin your journey with RNT?

I’ve spent years working on my professional development, creating and nurturing personal relationships and finally felt that the right time to work on my physical well being was now.

My anxiety and depression levels had increased through the lockdown and although better, I knew some physical activity and feeling better about myself would accelerate that progress.

I knew that big changes were needed in my life in order to perform to my best but I didn’t know where to start until my neighbour told me about his RNT journey.

Once I’d spoken to a few people that had been on the program and discussed not just the physical changes but the psychological ones too, I knew I needed to be a part of this. Learning that the RNT programme isn’t just a ‘quick fix’ but a lifestyle solution to stay in the best shape of your life was the cherry on top.

2. What were your biggest problems before starting RNT?

I felt physically uncomfortable in my skin and found myself buying clothes in ever increasing sizes to hide my shame.

3. What has the process been like, and the biggest challenges and obstacles?

The process has been intense! It’s pushed me more than I realised both physically and emotionally.

Surprisingly, the training side of the process has been the most straightforward for me to adopt. I was always scared of going into the gym, but with our coach’s guidance I’m learning every day and have become so much more confident.

The nutrition side of the process has been and continues to be my biggest challenge. As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’ I found it really really hard to focus on the food that’s good for me.

I still thoroughly enjoy eating out and will continue to however my choices have changed, I’m not shy to ask the restaurants to adapt their cooking to suit my needs and I’m a lot more discerning about what and how much I eat. I’ve learnt that the quality of food I use to fuel my body is key to my wellbeing.

4. How has the physical been the vehicle?

It’s been a journey, it’s still a journey. My professional life was accelerating and I’m in a happy relationship but the missing link was happiness with my body. I’m learning how to love myself again and that’s a step by step process with the help of my loved ones, the coach, cohort and of course my own self.

5. What almost kept you from joining?

The price! My eyes widened when I learnt of the cost however after dividing it by 12 months I realised that it made financial sense.

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