At 57 Years Young, Priti Lost 25+ Kgs Despite Battling The Effects Of Menopause And Arthiritis

When you are a woman in your 50s it’s not unusual to feel like the best years of your life have passed. Your biological clock is slowing down and your energy levels are at an all time low.

You still want to enjoy your life but your health and fitness levels are not where they should be - so you settle for mediocrity.



There is no need to believe that life after 50 is a slow drudge for a woman. You can live the best life if you really want to put your mind to it.

Which is exactly what Priti decided she wanted for herself. She wasn’t going to just give up and allow the quality of her life to deteriorate! She wanted to live her life to the fullest and seek joy in her everyday life. She wanted to be independent and explore the world and she wasn’t going to give up her dreams for anything.

“I have seen many family members struggle with their day to day mobility and I felt that I had to make my health a priority to remain independent and flexible for as long as possible and it was very much a now or never moment for me. This pushed me to seek a credible but safe environment where I would lose weight through eating nutritional foods, without compromising on my health and become fitter through exercise tailored to suit me. All this had to fit into my demanding and changeable day. A tall order, but RNT and its on-line coaching ticked all the boxes for me.”

Overcoming The Fear Of Strength Training

Priti’s days were busy, she had to work on a tough schedule and she had very little time to focus on her own health and well-being.

“I was always time deficient, totally exhausted by the end of the day to fit any ‘me’ time. In addition, I didn’t fully understand nutrition and how to incorporate it into my traditional Indian meals especially on religious days. Also, other than walking, I didn’t really comprehend the benefits of strength training for my age group.”

This is where RNT’s curriculum helps our members understand the finer points of nutrition and how to make sure they are eating balanced and nutrient rich foods. Once Priti had a better grasp of this, she found adhering to the nutrition plan easy to follow.

“The nutrition and steps plans were easy to follow, I just needed to execute them and the weight just fell off. Amazing! I learned effectively to pre-plan my meals so as not to go ‘off plan’ in case of any last minute changes to the day.

Overcoming her fear and hesitation to train took a bit longer but she knew that if she wanted to feel her best she had to get past this mental hurdle.

“The biggest challenge for me was the training and I pondered over it for the first week and ended up not doing any. My coach was encouraging and appreciated that it could be daunting for someone who hadn’t trained before.

I also didn’t understand some of the training terminology, such as glutes and barbells (just to name a few). However, I was determined to make this work for me and decided not to shy away from learning new terminology.

As the weeks flew by I found my own groove with the training, fully supported by my coach. The video recordings of my training, I sent to my coach on a weekly basis, helped guide me to perfect my moves and I gradually progressed well past my comfort zone and I started working with weights I didn’t think were possible for me.”

Building Muscle In Your 50s

At RNT we work with a number of men and women in their 50s and 60s. And quite a common reservation is the notion that getting lean and shredded is the only way to build strength and muscle. We talk about it in more detail in our article How To Get Fit And Healthy In Your 40s, 50s, 60s And Beyond

“The main thing that almost stopped me from joining RNT was seeing all the young shredded, ’body builder’ body shots, shown on the RNT posts. My goal was to be the best I could be and getting to the shredded level of fitness was way beyond anything I could imagine. But then I came across a remarkable transformation of another woman at a similar age and I knew then that RNT was the best chance I had of achieving my own personal goal safely and for the long term. RNT has without a doubt helped me achieve this and much more than I expected.”

The Physical Is The Vehicle

Priti’s RNT journey has been truly remarkable as it has completely debunked a whole lot of myths.

Priti has had a lot of pain in her joints as she suffers from rheumatoid arthritis but her RNT journey has helped to greatly reduce her pain and inflammation.

“RNT’s principles for nutrition and training has definitely worked for me. My inflammation levels are very well controlled (according to my rheumatologist) and I have now been able to reduce my arthritis medication, which I know I would not have been able to do without the nutritional advice I was given by the RNT coaches.”

Priti never thought she would ever have the energy levels she did when she was in her 20s!

“Firstly I was able to lose almost 30% more weight than the initial goal I had set myself, so the myth about women on their menopause find it harder to lose weight is widely off the mark.

The right balance of nutrition and exercise has absolutely helped me get back to the weight I was in my 20s! I am now at the weight I was at before having my baby!

I have been able to reverse the negative effects of years of inactivity that comes about from working at home for 20 years as well as the weight gain that is typical with menopause.

Despite the physical challenges from my arthritis I am now more active and relatively pain free than I have been for decades.

To say the RNT journey has surpassed my goals is an understatement.”

Priti is now in the best shape of her life in her 60s and we can’t wait to hear more about all the experiences she is going to have in the future.

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