Better Nutrition and Exercise Means More Productivity and Energy for Shivali

This RNT Hero Story unfolds quite predictably. However, that doesn’t take away from the impact of the story. It is straight-forward, it is fairly common and there lies the importance.

So many individuals have all the right intentions but have no idea how to action them. All of them fall into similar traps and feel like their lives are stuck and they are spinning their wheels.

Shivali’s story is similar. She wanted to make a change in her lifestyle. She wanted to be fit. She tried to diet but only yo-yoed around multiple options. She wanted to exercise but didn’t even know where to start.

She started off at RNT weighing 48.5kgs and at her Transformation Checkpoint she was at her leanest and strongest at 42.5 It is a showcase of similar struggles that a lot of RNT members have faced and continue to face.

This Q&A with RNT Founder Akash navigates us through her amazing journey.

What were the goals you set when you decided to join RNT?

“My main goal was to lose body fat and become more toned. I wanted to find a long term lifestyle solution that would empower me to make better food choices. I wanted to make the right decisions when choosing what to put in my body. I know I am not always conscious about my food choices and therefore end up eating junk food regularly. I am constantly yo-yoing between dieting/exercising and then stopping this as I don’t always see the results. I want to stop making excuses. I want to find something that will help me become more steady.”

Why was this goal important to you? What was your ‘why’?

“The loss of body fat is currently important as I am getting married next year and of course want to look and feel my best which I am very far from at the moment. However I want to adopt healthy eating habits and incorporate that into my lifestyle. This is a long term goal as I want to improve my health for the future. I would like to find a solution where I can get to my best and learn to maintain this in the best possible way.”

What were your biggest struggles before joining RNT?

“It would have to be yo-yo dieting! I have had periods of being good with my diet and regular with exercise and then longer periods where I have been completely off. My day to day bingeing on sugary snacks has especially been my downfall! I want to find something that will help me become more steady.”

What has been your biggest learning?

“I had no knowledge or understanding around nutrition. I didn’t know how to pay attention to my macros and how to make sure I stayed within my calorie limit. Measuring my food and watching my portion sizes has been a big eye-opener. Also, the benefit of weight training has been really useful.”

How have you found the process so far?

“The process so far has been great! It was more or less straightforward up until my first Transformation Checkpoint. But the Consolidation Phase was particularly difficult. Having the tangible goal of weight loss previously and months of lockdown just before really helped me to focus my energy. I made the effort to establish good habits especially in terms of nutrition and training. I hope to get more comfortable with the mindset required for the Consolidation Phase.”

How has the physical been the vehicle for you in your life?

“Having more energy throughout the day has definitely increased productivity in all aspects of my life. I really feel the difference in productivity and concentration when eating well and exercising regularly.”

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