Bharath Finally Stopped Spinning His Wheels, Took Control Of His Diet And Saw Results

Coming into RNT, I had several years of training under my belt. I read a lot and was decently strong for my bodyweight. I thought my diet was perfect and I knew everything, except I wasn’t getting the body composition results I wanted. I was able to cut down about 12lbs on my own but I was stuck. I thought this was the best I could get. Then I decided to sign up with RNT.

RNT’s coaching was fantastic. My preconceived notions on eating were put to rest and I was really put on the right track instead of continuing to spin my wheels. In that month, we made some aggressive cuts and the body composition goals that I thought were impossible suddenly were possible and actually happened!

I learned how much fat I was carrying, not realising that foods don’t just fit into two categories ‘healthy = eat as much as you want’ and ‘unhealthy = don’t eat that’. I learnt about fasting strategies and how to manage the appetite, to really understanding how light I actually had to get to lean out. These guys were the best at coaching me through everything. I actually ended up continuing with RNT, not to cut further but because my goals had changed from fat loss to long term mass gain and I knew that RNT would put me on the right path moving forward! Wish I had found out about RNT years ago!

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