Busy Accountant And Father Jitesh, Unlocked Boundless Energy And Got Over All His Gut Health Troubles!

As an accountant Jitesh spent the majority of his day at his desk in front of his computer. He didn’t have much of an opportunity to move, which meant the amount of energy he expended on a daily basis was extremely low.

“I was actually averaging as little as 2000 steps in a day! My target was 6000 and I couldn’t even manage that!”

Even though his NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) or in other words his daily energy expenditure from activities apart from eating, sleeping or exercise was low he tried to make conscious food choices and managed to maintain his weight.

“Although I would always eat healthy - I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I eat fruit and yogurt and nuts - I never felt healthy. I didn’t gain weight but I was tired all the time! And my gut health was so poor! I thought I was lactose intolerant so I drank lactose free milk. But I had so much fat around my belly and I had no energy inside me.”

Today, Jitesh is a new person. All his troubles with this gut health have disappeared and he is full of energy. He has learnt how to build a lifestyle fitness solution that would help him stay in the shape of his life, for life! And it all started when he saw how much his wife benefited from her RNT journey.

The Trigger For Change

Jitesh’s wife had joined RNT in 2020 and seeing her transformation really inspired him.

“My wife lost 14kgs which was amazing! She has so much energy and she learnt so much about food and nutrition, this has also made a big impression on our daughter. Seeing her inspired me to sign up as well.”

Online with RNT Vs Personal Trainer

Before signing up with RNT Jitesh did have a few reservations. He was unsure about having an online personal trainer.

“At first I wasn’t convinced. I thought surely meeting a PT in the gym face to face would give me much better results. I equated it to online learning versus learning in the classroom - afterall learning in the classroom is better as you can concentrate better? But when I saw my wife and I saw her going for her walks, prepping her meals and how much she had changed, I decided to sign up.”

All of Jitesh’s reservations were put to rest as soon as he signed up in Oct 2021.

“I realised after signing up that the coaches are available and accessible on emails and I could reach out to them at any point and the responses were so prompt! Whereas I would only see a PT once a week. Any questions or concerns I had I asked at the live Q and As or I sent out an email or I looked at the training videos. The process is really smooth!”

Nutrition - The Biggest Piece Of The Puzzle

A lot of RNTers sign up with the belief that they make healthy food choices and a lot of our members do make healthy choices, the trouble lies in not understanding the finer points of nutrition and how to analyze the calorific values in foods - Jitesh was in this same boat.

“I always ate healthy meals but I never realised how high in calories they were! For breakfast I would eat yogurt with nuts and blueberries and coconut and coconut powder and chocolate chips and it was all so healthy but I didn’t realise until I joined RNT that my breakfast alone was 800 Kcal! And I was walking just 2000 steps a day and I still ate lunch and dinner and snacks on top of that!”

This is when RNTers really see the difference. Once they begin to understand how to look at the nutrition guidelines and understand protein, carbohydrates and fats in their food they make much better choices - this knowledge is essential in enabling RNTers to stay in the shape of their lives, for life.

The Physical Is The Vehicle

Jitesh has now lost all of his belly fat, his gut health is excellent and he is bursting with energy. The knowledge he has received on how to structure his days to include exercise and healthy activity coupled with nutrition has completely transformed his life.

“My results have been really really great! I have lost all my belly fat and I can see muscles in my body and my gut is clean and I am really really happy about that. The biggest benefit has been the knowledge about my food and nutrition which has now been passed on to my daughter and now we all live happier and healthier lives and it’s been amazing!”

Next Steps

Jitesh continues on his RNT journey with the intention to gain muscle and build more strength.

In many ways the initial goal of fat loss is tough but it’s a simple enough formula. As long as you make sure your energy expenditure is more than your energy consumption you will see the scale weight drop.

The next stage of muscle building is more complex and Jitesh is all set to take on this challenge over the next few months as he goes through his Consolidation Phase and then into his Investment Phase.

We eagerly look forward to seeing how his journey progresses over the next few months!

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