On the go businessman and busy dad Ketan Lost 12kgs To Get His Dream Physique

My name is Ketan. I am married, and we have a son aged 9 and a nice little puppy! A finance graduate, I work in Private Equity, and also now run my own fitness studio business. I have always looked at fitness as an ability to do better, be successful, be more popular, etc. However, I’ve struggled to lose weight and feel confident with my looks, and general self worth. But, somehow I never really understood what it takes to achieve this goal physique. As a result, I was always a skinny fat boy.

But since 2009, I have made conscious efforts to control my eating, train as regularly as possible, and do some cardio. As a result, from an 89-90 kg fat boy, I became a leaner 75-78 kg guy, who was always somehow considered thinner than the rest of my friends. The only thing that always nagged me forever was my very South-Indian stomach which never ever really melted away despite drastic loss of body fat and weight in the rest of my body. I and everyone around me blamed it on genetics, and thought this needed some special escape velocity to get ahead of.

I grew up watching a lot of action movies: Rocky, Rambo, Commando, amongst others – my favorite stars being Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, and the likes. He-Man and other GI Joe characters also molded my mind into making me more desirous of a well built physique. I had spectacles, always felt I was a weakling, and had a paunch. As a result, I was under-confident about all abilities – including work and fame.

I literally tried over 30 (no kidding!) diets and workout programs (online and offline) with minimal results, and even if I did get results, they were far too extreme and not sustainable. I had plenty of different types of training – gyms, crossfit, karate, Krav Maga, sports agility training, bodyweight training, yoga, MMA, etc. with as many different coaches. I eventually got to being “fitter” than most of my colleagues and friends but never that enviable body. So I looked good with clothes on, but a mess with a paunch without them = no beach body!

I started a new gym business in 2016 given my passion and desire for fitness, and each year, I got a little fitter. My partner got me looking very good last December, but not without a grueling regimen. I funnily bounced back and became “chubby” again. All my hard work seemed to have gone. I still could not get my stomach to completely go away, reveal my abs, and then keep it that way whilst on a regular maintenance diet.

In the meanwhile, I planned to launch my business online, so I had to experiment with myself. I also tried various online cookie cutter programs from Instagram coaches – good, but with the same yoyo effects. I wanted to make a change, and needed someone to coach me through a simple program.

That’s when I found RNT Fitness on Instagram – these guys were different. They were more expensive than others, but because nothing about them was standardized or template-based. They were extremely precise about my lifestyle, tailoring the program to my fitness levels, my goals and my timeframe. And their “claimed” transformations looked unreal, but consistent. I decided to jump in, and try them out and chose an ambitious goal (getting ripped in 50 days, to begin with) – so I signed up for their remote online coaching program.

I’ve worked with RNT for the past 17 weeks. We have worked on the most simple processes – getting a minimum in, doing NEAT, eating simple and nutritious food, minimal cheat meals (unless life throws a curveball or its an occasion), etc. They were meticulous, detailed and always reassuring. Perfect guys to mould anyone’s physique from afar.

It surely takes effort to lose weight, but as long as it is in your list of high priorities, it can be done. Breaking down the day into simple tasks – fasted cardio, meals, training, rest, and right supplementation go a long way in getting you there. Remembering to keep everything non-negotiable, even if the world (especially here in India) thinks you are insane, is the most important key that helped me get my results.

I am now doing a reverse diet to bring my body carefully into maintenance mode. Thereafter I will look to build some muscle mass over a lengthy period of time. I have serious admiration for RNT Fitness; they not only helped me understand what online coaching is all about from a client’s perspective, but got me downright peeled and shredded, and also given me the tools to live a healthier lifestyle myself.

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