Busy Businessman And Dedicated Dad, Nehal Found The Perfect Lifestyle Fitness Solution

Running a business that demanded a lot of time; with erratic travels, several trade fairs to exhibit at throughout the year and working hours that needed to coincide with different time zones; finding time to focus on personal health always got pushed to the sidelines. The only activity that I used to have in the entire week was a three/four-hour session of cricket on a Sunday. It wasn’t until I found myself running low on stamina, and general performance one Sunday, that I realised something had to change because I couldn’t continue like this!

I told my wife, Archana, about how I needed to get back into shape. I didn’t want to be unfit, I wanted my stamina at an optimal level! And with two boys learning from my every move I had to make sure I was setting a good example to them when it came to health and fitness. That’s when she gifted me a three-month package with RNT - three months turned into six, and just recently I’ve signed up for a longer plan because RNT isn’t just about the fitness, it has become a lifestyle.

At first, I was extremely sceptical about online training. I have had one-to-one personal trainers and truly believed that that is the only way to be motivated and get results. But RNT proved me wrong - in a short space of three weeks after starting the program, I started noticing a difference. In 5 months, I was in the shape of my life and felt amazing!

Initially, it seemed strange to be sending in pictures to the RNT Team. But they became such an instrumental aspect in motivating me every week to push harder, go the extra mile and just support me on weeks when I had a dip. I might sound biased when I say this, but RNT are most definitely the best trainers I have ever had and full of great human beings.

The RNT community provides a whole host of information and support to help anyone along their journey. In all truthfulness, this platform that has been created by Akash is brilliant and one of its kind! I am humbled to be a part of the RNT family!

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