Busy City Executive, Kirten, Broke Out Of The Fitness Plateau And Got Fit For Life

It was a few months before I was getting married and I wanted to get into good shape. I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week but I was not progressing as fast as I would have liked. I was also relatively controlled with my eating from Monday to Thursday, but I did not care what I ate or drank from Friday to Sunday.

That’s when I came across RNT and saw some of the transformations and thought, ‘yeah let’s give this a try and see how it goes.’

There have definitely been ups and downs on this journey so far!

RNT has become the feel-good factor in my life. I work out in the mornings and this really helps me as I have a positive mindset throughout the day. The workouts do not take as much time compared to when I would previously spend 2 hours in the gym, which is great as I work in the city and work long hours at times.

The workouts were also a good challenge for me mentally. I remember being asked to increase my steps and cardio for the last push of getting as lean as I possibly could before building muscle tissue. If anything, I just wanted to embrace it all and see how far I could really go.

The downs, if I had to name one, were probably during the process of getting lean. I thought that this would not take that long and that I could soon start eating lots of calories. I remember being annoyed at one point, as all I could think about was eating more calories. I messaged the team around the time and I remember them saying to just keep at it and I will get there. Then it hit me that this is a process and it takes time and patience.

Also, I wouldn’t say it is a downer, however, at one point I reached 60.2kg and I received some comments about how I was looking too skinny and that I shouldn’t lose any more weight. I took such comments with a pinch of salt as I knew that this was part of the process.

There were also times where I have had some slip-ups. I had my stag around 2 months before my wedding; which was a big boozer and full of take outs. The great thing about working with RNT is that I didn’t feel too guilty if there was a slip-up. It was a case of, ‘it has happened so now, move forward and crack on.’

With the RNT team’s advice, I managed to get in good shape for my wedding which was an amazing feeling. My wife is also doing RNT and she got into great shape too for the wedding. We both would prep meals together and go to the gym together and we spurred each other on.

I can’t wait to see where the next few months take me. Bring it on!!

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