Busy City Executive & Mother Snehal Made Health A Top Priority And Boosted Her Energy And Productivity

Despite trying many diets and exercise regimens Snehal just didn’t like how she felt within her mind and body. This was why she was absolutely blown away when she saw the transformations other women in similar situations had accomplished.

Snehal didn’t need much convincing, she signed up to the RNT programme immediately.

Today, Snehal feels like a completely new person and loves how she looks and feels.

In this testimonial below, she elaborates on her RNT journey and what she did to achieve the health and fitness goals she’d been chasing for years!


Most of my life, I’ve always been slim and confident.

But after marriage and having 2 children, my body changed like never before. My weight shot up and my confidence plummeted down. I couldn’t recognise myself anymore.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve tried and tested many diets and exercise routines to lose weight and get into shape, without much luck.

After giving birth to my second child, I decided to take charge of my health and committed to losing weight.

I lost 2 stone (12kgs) by eating healthy and staying active, but I still wasn’t satisfied with my results. That’s when I discovered RNT and was impressed by other people’s journeys. I decided to start the program during the five weeks between my jobs.

And here I am: 10 months later, keeping it up, enjoying it, and another 2 stone down!

I’ve lost a total of 23kg since having my little one in Sept 2020 and over half of that was through RNT!

This time, the difference was I had more accountability, expert support and guidance each day, and I was much more informed and educated about weight training.

Of course none of this was simple. Having suffered from arthritis for 20 years, there were many exercises I couldn’t do.

To top it all, I lost a lot of my core strength by giving birth via a c-section. In the beginning I felt like I was building up my strength from scratch.

Juggling a full-time job in the city and managing two young children (2 and 6 years old) made it challenging to find spare time, but I remained committed to my health goals.

I trusted the process and my coach, and the results kept me motivated. Consistency was key to making this work, and now that I have reached Checkpoint, I am determined to maintain my progress.

Now, having reached my target weight, I truly believe it was worth it and I’m glad I left all excuses behind and worked hard! It’s the one and only thing I do for myself each day.

I thank my husband for the amazing support, my coach for pushing me every single day and my beautiful boys for being my reason to get up everyday and go for it!

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