Busy City Executive, Nitu Lost 20+kgs And Saw Her Confidence Levels Soar

Nitu had never before lacked self confidence. She had always felt sure of herself and was never afraid to go after what she wanted. She was a go-getter and a high-achiever and was proud of it.

Sadly, this strong sense of self-worth, which was her mainstay, was fading and fading fast!

She had always struggled with her weight and had tried to keep it in check by trying various diets and exercise routines but she was unable to sustain the weight-loss for long. This meant that she invariably rebounded and often ended up feeling a lot worse instead of better!

To add fuel to the fire, Lockdown left Nitu feeling even more defeated.

She loved her social life and her wiped out calendar became a sudden vacuum. A vacuum that she started to fill with whatever she could get her hands on - food being her biggest form of comfort.

“I had already been gaining weight for the last few years. I had slowly moved from a good size 10 to a size 12. But then, during Lockdown, without daily activity the pounds piled on really quickly and I ended up being a size 16! I had always been a confident person but the weight gain was costing me dearly! I was losing my confidence not only at home but also in the workplace.”

Nitu was desperate for a change. She wanted to regain her sense of self-worth and build back her confidence. It didn’t help that a recent blood test result revealed that she was both prediabetic and had high cholesterol! Action needed to be taken!

RNT To The Rescue

Taking that final and crucial step towards change can be the hardest thing to do. Our minds can play tricks on us and talk us out of making the right choice. Often the final push to take action comes from either a single momentous event or a series of events.

“I had heard a number of newlyweds give a shout-out to RNT for their amazing transformations. When I looked up RNT online, I was impressed by the transformations.

But I decided to sign up only after a disastrous shopping trip when I tried on a size 16 dress and even that was too tight for me! I obviously needed something to change. I wanted to feel confident and happy again! I wanted to be a part of RNT and have my story up on the transformation gallery.”

The RNT Process

What Nitu sorely lacked was a solid structure that would support her transformation, which was exactly what she received from the RNT programme.

“I enjoyed the structure! The focus on my daily step count and the personalised training plan was exactly what I needed. I started to see results quite quickly and that was a great motivator.”

Since Nitu enjoyed an active social life, she found navigating around them a bit tricky at first. She felt compelled to decline all the invitations she received but she knew that wasn’t the point of the RNT journey.

She slowly learnt how to make better food choices when she went out and she realised that the best part of socialising was in meeting up with her friends and not entirely about the food!

To make sure she kept herself in check she set in place an accountability framework within RNT and the larger RNT community as well as with her family. Our article How To Eat Out And Still Lose Weight is one of our most read articles because it lays out practical advice on how to socialise and have fun without feeling any guilt!

“All my friends and family knew about my goals and they supported me throughout the journey. My husband joined RNT as well and together we have been there to support each other through this entire process.”

Overcoming Barriers

Even though Nitu knew of RNT before, she had hesitated to sign up.

“I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it! But I put aside those fears and decide to just focus on the journey and enjoy the process.

Another deterrent was the cost. But to be honest, it’s been the best investment I have made in my life!”

The Physical Is The Vehicle

Our physical state is what determines how effective we are during the day. We all have a never-ending list of demands that take our energy and attention. The truth is, if our energy resources are already low, we end up running on an empty tank which affects our ability to deliver.

After Nitu joined RNT and unlocked her true potential she found her energy reserves were always in surplus! She now had the drive to excel at work and in all other areas of her life as well.

“I love my routine now. To make sure I hit my step target I head out for a walk first thing in the morning and this gives me a chance to clear my mind and reflect on my day. It also gives me some time to think about any pending work issues.

My husband also joined RNT, so we now go for walks together. Food had always been the focus when we planned to spend time together but not anymore, we choose an activity instead. It’s the same when I want to catch up with friends.

My training sessions in the gym are amazing and now I don’t hesitate to push past any imagined limitations.

The amazing thing is that my latest blood test results showed that my cholesterol and sugar levels are all within normal range.

Now, I enjoy going out and dressing up in clothes I want to wear and not have to settle for outfits that merely hide the fat.

The main impact through this journey is that I got my confidence back! I performed better than ever before at work and have had an outstanding year with excellent results to show for it.

Thank you RNT!”

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