Busy city professional, Sindhu fought a mental battle and got fit and healthy

Being a super busy city professional juggling home, parenting and career turned into a lot of guilt based eating over weekends. At this point, my taste buds for good food and drink evolved, but it had an adverse affect on my physical and mental health which I realised quite late in the day.

Like many of us, my avenue to happiness is to socialise with my family and friends accompanied with bottomless access to food and drinks. I was in a happy place, although I did start to realise the havoc this was causing with my mental and physical health, I didn’t really know how to address it.

I have dipped in and out of depression, this along with a stressful corporate life was not easy and extremely traumatic. My life had too many highs and too many lows and I can’t remember ever having the consistency that I longed for.

I had seen a few friends go through this journey and started following RNT’s articles, podcasts to mentally gear up. I must have drafted the email 2 or 3 times before I actually sent it. The fear was not whether I would get the same result as some of the other clients, but it was more about my fear of whether I would be able to be ‘consistent’ at all. The fear of failure that I would never be able to take instructions and follow them through was daunting me!

I am so glad that I sent that email at last and signed up! I am so glad to have done this. The RNT journey has been many things to me - a penance of sorts as it pushed me to rediscover my strengths, motivations, invest time and energy for myself and look at things very differently. Yes, we all sign up to the programme to look good at the end, but this program has given me so much more - it has taught me to ‘feel good’ too. The journey is not just about the changes to the physical aesthetics, it’s a mental one. This process has reaffirmed that with consistency and trust in the process, great things can be achieved. This process has taught me the value of many aspects of life such as the value of a true support system and the value of self discipline. I absolutely love the new me - physically and the person I’ve evolved to be. My confidence and energy levels are through the roof; my outlook to food and drink has changed completely; and above all I’ve found the consistency that I’ve longing for in life.

Thanks for keeping me accountable throughout and for all the guidance and support. It’s been amazing working with RNT and will cherish this for a long time.

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