Busy Dad Prem, Quit Yo-Yo Dieting, Made Long Term Health A Priority And Dropped 15kgs

It was September 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic. 

Prem and his wife were sitting on the sofa after another long day of juggling parenting, housework and working from home. 

That evening, what was particularly weighing on Prem’s mind was the thoughts of his Dad who had passed away suddenly 13 years ago at the age of 60 without having any underlying health conditions. 

Thinking about his father made him feel deeply unhappy about his own health which caused him to speak his thoughts out loud:

“I am fed up with being overweight and constantly feeling lethargic. I feel unfocused, weak, with poor immunity and a slow metabolism. I need to fix things.”

To which his wife responded, “As usual, all talk and no action, Prem.” 

Her flat and lacklustre response caught him off guard. 

“I wasn’t expecting that response, so hearing that really flipped the switch for me. I no longer wanted to just passively complain any more. I wanted to take action, so I started some research on what to do next and how to set my new course of action.”

Taking Action

Prem came across RNT and he read RNT Founder Akash Vaghela’s book, Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

“But I didn’t join RNT, I joined another program which seemed to produce results and in 10 months lost nearly 22kg. I felt great and loved feeling lighter. However, the problem was that I didn’t fix some poor, long standing habits around food, late night stress-eating and sleep. I didn’t really have a consistent or structured plan for building strength and managing stress. As a result, I rapidly put on 10kg!”

Prem continued to plod along until June 2022, when the feeling of disillusionment returned. He joined another program and lost 6kg in 6 months but still didn’t feel happy with how he looked and felt. 

Then at the start of 2023, Prem was looking for something significant to reset his health once and for all. 

“I needed to optimise things given my age and wanted to be at my best in the long term for my wife and daughter.”

By a stroke of luck, Prem met RNTer Minesh Ladwa who was a parent at his daughter’s school. 

“Minesh basically nailed it when he asked me outright, ‘What have you got to lose, mate?’ That sealed the deal for me, I took the plunge and went all in. It was about a hard reset for me and I had to be super diligent, disciplined, and ruthless. I had to get out of my own way and release the self-limiting hand brakes!”

Embracing The Process 

While the process was challenging at the start, Prem was determined to keep at his goal. He stayed open-minded and curious, asking questions and seeking clarifications whenever he needed it. 

“The hardest thing was to say no to the things I enjoy eating and getting exercise in when I really didn’t want to, especially at 5am on a cold winter morning. 

However, once the routine and discipline was in place it was just a matter of doing it. The consistency is in place and it’s just part of my routine now.”

RNT Vs Other Fitness Programs 

For nearly three years, Prem had tried to boost his general health and well-being. But it often felt like it was a case of taking two steps forward to then take one step back. 

“When you look beneath the surface, most fitness programs have their merits and could produce results. However, when I started to look into them in more detail some of the advice was confusing, contradictory and didn’t really address deep-rooted habits. 

For example: how do you eat the things you do and why, what do you eat and is it the right quality? How do you incorporate long term habits around food, exercise, sleep and stress management?

I was always mindful about things but never really put all of it into practice until RNT.”

Expanding Horizons  

Prem’s journey has helped him build his knowledge and understanding across a range of topics around physical and mental health and well-being. 

“The intangibles coming from this process are immeasurable. I don’t think I have quite uncovered everything that’s possible, and feel like I have only just scratched the surface. 

What I can say is that the process so far has helped immensely with a few things: 

I can push myself and have discovered I have the ability to do difficult things. 

I have also developed a better understanding around food and diet and how that impacts long term health. 

I also now give more importance to training efficiently and effectively with a focus on body composition and not merely focusing on scale weight. 

I have loved how the program has helped to learn new stuff. I am excited to see what lies ahead. LFG!!!”

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