Busy Dad Priten, Completely Reversed His Health Trajectory To Be In The Shape Of His Life, For Life.

Priten didn’t like the trajectory his life and health was heading towards. In his late 30s he was the heaviest he had ever been.

He wasn’t exercising and his food choices were far from ideal. He knew that if he didn’t make a change he was looking at a lot of health concerns in the future.

“My life up to date could be considered in two halves, the first part, I was skinny and the later overweight. There hasn’t really been a happy medium in between.

While growing up all the food was always cooked by my mum and we generally ate what was made at home.

I had high activity levels but this dwindled after leaving for university. I also had to fend for myself in terms of food and nutrition, which didn’t go so well. This ultimately led to poor choices and worse, bad habits which I carried later into life.”

Priten wanted to feel full of energy and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

He wanted his mind to be sharp so he could focus at work and become a high performer.

After looking at all the amazing transformations RNT posted on Facebook he knew he wanted a piece of that!

Consistency Is Key

Priten knew that RNT would give him the one thing he knew he lacked - consistency.

Consistency in diet, exercise and sleep.

“I wanted to build up consistency, starting with physical activity but also applying to daily life. I have been doing weight training on and off over the last decade but some way or the other whether it be holidays or injuries I found myself lacking motivation at some point. This ultimately led to yo-yoing, where I generally ate healthy when training. I have been attending Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for the past couple of years but again I found myself losing motivation”

Generational Health

Priten’s young son was a big reason he wanted to make health and fitness a priority.

“One of the scariest thoughts a parent can have is what if I’m not there for him. I need to ensure that I personally do whatever it takes to be there for him and that entails being in the best possible health as can be.

I also need to ensure I set good examples. That entails not being lazy, eating healthily and exercising. I need him to see that having a belly is not a good thing, even if we joke about it!”

Looking at the health of the elders in his family also worried him. He didn’t want to be feeble and dependent on others as he grew older.

“There was a point in time when I realized that my current path would only lead to a place I did not want to be going. You can see this by looking at our older generation and seeing what can become of you if you do not look after yourself. I didn’t want this to happen so I had to make a change.”

Living Life To The Fullest

He knew that his current state was impacting him from enjoying his life. He wanted his evenings to be more than just about sitting on the sofa.

“I want the physical to give me more energy, which I absolutely know it can do. This will bleed into my daily life to improve all other facets from work, relationship with my wife, my social life and side business - Live Pizza Event Catering.”

By managing his time better Priten wanted to break out of this state of inertia and create momentum and enjoy all aspects of his life which positively impact his productivity levels.

The RNT Wins

Priten’s journey with RNT has given him the tools he needed to hit all his goals.

He has achieved consistency in his training and nutrition.

His emphasis on physical fitness has inspired his son to make better food choices.

He now has the energy and the drive to focus on his main job, boost his side business as well as improve his social life!

“I am now in a place where I have more of an understanding of nutrition, what my body requires and the level of activity I should be aiming for. My goal has never been just about short term weight loss and I believe I am now equipped with the knowledge and know-how of achieving my long term vision, albeit a very long journey ahead.

I am prepared for what is to come because I have been taught this. The knock on effect of the journey has also been an eye-opener. My little one now eats more greens with every meal and understands the difference between proteins, fats and carbs, family have seen the results of my journey and have been sparked to make positive changes themselves.

The journey is not easy by any means and you will struggle, but that is what makes it and the impact it will have on your nearest and dearest is huge!”

Starting Weight - 80kgs

Checkpoint - 54kgs

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