Busy Dentist Jigna Gets In Shape For Life!

At 33, Jigna had a busy life as a dentist as well as an active social life. Coming from a family that loves food all social events revolved around food: wonderful, nutritious food, but with huge serving portions. This meant that Jigna found it hard to control her portions and the fact that she also had quite a sweet tooth didn’t help matters. She had put on a lot of weight and found it very hard to shift it.

The Need for Change

Before starting with RNT, Jigna lost some weight by changing her lunch habits. Unfortunately, the change didn’t last long. She wanted to feel better about herself, have a lot of confidence so she could live her life to the fullest.

“My ‘why’ was simple. I wanted to gain confidence through a killer body. The deeper reason was I was at the lowest I had ever been, not just physically but mentally. I was going through a very stressful period in my life and I want to improve my mental and physical health to create a new, positive mindset. I wanted to have results that I could sustain, enjoy the food I love but still stay healthy and strong.”

Jigna hadn’t exercised in a long time: didn’t have any experience training. When she was a member at the gym several years ago, she found it boring and a chore. So when she first started at RNT, she was sceptical and wondered if she would ever be able to keep it up.

“I joined RNT in January 2020. And they were so encouraging and supportive. I had a rocky start. I didn’t meet my step target, I was stuck to my old routine and couldn’t think how I could fit everything in! The RNT coaches were so encouraging and supportive, kind and non-judgemental”

Braving it Through

Jigna took her time finding her feet. Fitting the steps into her routine and managing her cravings for chocolate and biscuits were challenging. The structure and routine RNT provided was the anchor she used to power through the first tough months. She took advantage of the time she gained during lockdown and set herself little challenges.

“I thought I would set a goal, for example walk 20,000 steps in a week. When I discussed this with the RNT team they encouraged me and pushed me further. Also listening to the podcast helped me stay motivated, I got new ideas and listening to other people’s challenges and struggles helped me relate and I didn’t feel so alone.”

True Transformation

Until Jigna joined RNT she felt chained by food, always yo-yoing, she struggled with making good choices when socialising. What was missing for her was a real education in nutrition and lifestyle. Her journey rewired her mindset and set her on a path that was ever evolving and growing. She is now confident in herself and her choices. She is in control, and she feels and looks her best, while being in shape for life!

Fat loss, when you look at the larger picture, is the easier part. Of course it is demanding and exhausting. But sustaining and maintaining your health and fitness levels is where the real hard work begins - continuing to make great food choices and sticking to your training program and staying consistent is a true test of strength. And once Jigna found the key to lifetime fitness she has not wavered and maintained her focus, no mean feat!

Jigna’s journey has been inspiring and watching her pick herself up and gain strength has been wonderful. She learnt that the best care is self care, and she needed her health and well being to be her #1 priority something she is well on her way to mastering.


“I wish I started this journey earlier, the knowledge I have gained from the podcasts, the website and now the book is unbelievable. I look at food differently, people think when you’re doing a transformation, you deprive yourself from eating food you enjoy, with RNT this is not the case, there are no restrictions, you learn this through the process. I am a different person now, I have more control of my mind and my outlook in life has changed. I really can’t describe how much my life has changed for the better, never have I been so happy, so confident and stress free. I can’t thank RNT enough, I am a new person now thanks to them.”

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