Busy Dentist Meera, Drops 22kgs And Reaches New Levels Of Self Confidence

Exhausted: that’s how Meera felt every day before her RNT journey. She was so tired that every task big or small felt like an insurmountable challenge. 

Meera had been struggling with fatigue since Lockdown. The gyms shutting down had disrupted her once-healthy exercise routine. 

“Before the pandemic, I was heading to the gym at least 4 times a week. I didn’t pay much attention to my diet but I liked how I felt in my body. And then during Lockdown, everything changed. I just didn’t like how I was feeling any more. I felt like I’d gotten stuck in a hole and needed to make a radical change.”

After the pandemic had relaxed its grip on the world, Meera’s physical health was at an all time low. She wanted a change and was tempted to rely on surgery to help her lose weight. At the same time, that didn’t feel like that was the right approach.  

“I was desperate for a change and I was willing to try anything. And that’s when I started considering surgery. But at the back of my mind, I felt like that was a cop out. I wanted to try a structured holistic programme first and I’m so glad I did.”

Finding Balance 

Meera had reached a point where her daily choices seemed automatic, as if she were merely a bystander to her own actions. 

“I was so caught up with my work and running the clinic that I barely paid any attention to my health. I would see patients back to back without stopping and without taking time to eat. So when I did take a pause it was 4pm, I would be shaking with fatigue and hunger.”

This pattern of self neglect developed a sense of disassociation from her own actions. 

“I would eat without really paying attention to what I was eating. Just mindlessly shovel food into my mouth.”

Lost in this whirlwind of unhealthy habits, the balance she sought eluded her.  

Taking Action

Meera had heard of RNT before, a family member had been through the programme and she was amazed at the results. 

“I was so impressed with what I read and I decided that I had to sign up.”

At first Meera’s husband wasn’t sure that she needed the programme at all. 

“My husband felt that all I needed was a bit of guidance from him and I would feel healthy again. But I knew that I needed advice on how to overhaul my entire lifestyle.”

And just as she knew it would, the RNT methodology gave Meera a new perspective on training, mindset and nutrition. She learned to pay more attention to her choices and be more purposeful in structuring her day. 

Before RNT, Meera was working 6 days a week. That changed after she joined RNT.

“I cut my work week down to 3 days. Those days are really long but I use my time effectively so I have time to focus on my health and my hobbies on the other days. 

Freeing up this time has helped me achieve a better work-life balance and I feel more fulfilled.”

Embracing The Process

When Meera started her journey she was so excited. She loved her training routine and enjoyed the structure of the programme. 

After a few fumbles in the beginning, she even managed to get her head around meal prepping. 

“A big lesson I learned from my coach is so simple but has stayed with me, ‘I am always in control of what I put in my mouth.’ Family, social events, friends can’t control my choices, it’s always in my control.”

Applying this simple principle made a huge impact on Meera’s health. Even at the end of a long day in the clinic when she was absolutely knackered, she had meals prepped and ready. 

“I loved my routine, it took out all the thinking and I just had to execute which was so great. I woke up early to go to the gym, I took a walk in the afternoon to hit my steps and get some fresh air. I was putting the best things in my body and I felt great - no more exhaustion!” 

Reaching Full Potential 

With this solid structure in place, Meera made quick progress. She reached a point where she felt really good but she hadn’t yet hit her goal weight. 

“But I felt like things were good, I was happy with how I looked, I felt comfortable, I didn’t feel the need to rock the boat. But I still had a few kilos to drop to hit my Checkpoint.”

Meera hesitated about pulling the pin and going into The Grind until her father gave her an analogy that hit home. 

“My dad compared my journey to something as simple as enjoying a loaf of bread. 

When you get used to a supermarket bread you think this is the best you can ever get. And then one day you try an artisan loaf, and you realise how much better bread can be. 

After you’ve tasted this beautiful loaf, you never want to go back to supermarket bread ever again!” 

That’s when Meera decided to embrace The Grind and shed those last few kilos. 

“It wasn’t easy but I loved The Grind. I felt sharper on all fronts. I had to be careful about how I spent my time. There was a lot going on at work and at home at that time. 

But the thing is, there is never a good time. We are always busy so I had to be intentional about where I wanted to focus my energy. It was a big life lesson.

When I hit my Checkpoint, I felt so good! Almost invincible! Now I feel like I can do anything I want. It’s amazing!”

The Podcast

In Episode 362 of RNT Fitness Radio Meera shares her journey about how she feels after losing 22 kilos. In this podcast she says, “When I saw my photos during my photoshoot, I couldn’t believe it was me. I never thought I could look like that. I felt incredible and I know I will never go back to how I felt before RNT.”

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