Busy Doctor Suraj got 6 pack abs and became the best version of himself

The physical truly is the vehicle… If you’re looking to change your life, then RNT is the way for you. It’s not just an online training programme, it’s a way of life.

The reason I started RNT was to get into shape - but of course, there’s always an underlying reason behind the ‘why’. RNT forces you to dig deep - what’s your ‘why’… behind your ‘why’… behind your ‘why’… and so on. I know I had a lot of issues with self-confidence and anxiety and this ultimately stemmed from me never feeling like I was good enough in life. This had always been my internal perception of myself and was brought to light as I went through the deep phases of the process.

When I started my RNT journey, we had just entered the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown… My first thought was, “How am I going to do this without the gym?!”. Part of me wanted to quit and get my money back… I thought, will this even be worth it if I can’t even workout properly? Yet, this taught me the importance of learning to live with adversity and making the best of a bad situation. And I can safely say that this lockdown worked to my advantage. I was given a solid home workout plan to follow, as well as a dietary plan tailored to me. Lockdown formed the cocoon that allowed me to transform from caterpillar to butterfly and give my health and well-being the focus it deserved! The benefits truly transcend the physical… Let me go on to explain…

PHYSICALLY - I’m in the best shape of my life! I have a six pack… I have pecs! I feel healthy (especially now that I have more food, as I consolidate). It’s hard to believe that it’s me when I look back at some of the pictures that were taken when I decided to mark my first transformation checkpoint with a photoshoot! This was definitely one of the best decisions I had made - the added accountability helps to push you through the darkest parts of the process.

PROFESSIONALLY - during this year, I was working as a GP registrar in my final year of training. Being a registrar in the GP setting is stressful enough… And then Covid-19 came along and all of a sudden, the NHS had been hit with a pandemic it had never faced before and was not prepared for. This was a massive shock to the system. During this stressful period, RNT gave me a strong grounding to focus on - I had solidified my 3Ss (structure, systems and strategies) quite quickly to enable me to manage the stresses that came with this added pressure. As things began to settle, I got the news that I had successfully completed all aspects of my GP training and was officially done with being a trainee. This had been 11 years in the making… 6 years of medical school, 2 years of foundation training and now 3 years GP training finally complete! Soon after this, I received a job offer at a really nice practice local to me. Everything felt like it was finally falling into place. And above all, it has definitely made me a better GP in the process, as we are naturally reflective and introspective in all areas of our practice.

PERSONALLY - I learned a lot about myself as I went through The Process Phase and the infamous Vaghela-Grind. No matter what your situation, you have to be adaptable. Are you a glass half-empty or glass half-full individual? This process taught me gratitude… I am thankful for even having a glass in the first place, whether it be empty or full. I was forced to re-prioritise and this allowed me to focus my efforts on the most important things in my life - more specifically, myself and my family. My relationship with them has sky-rocketed (not that we weren’t close before) and my perception of myself has changed drastically. It made me realise that I am good enough! I have always been good enough and I will always be good enough!

If anyone is looking for a quick fix, then RNT isn’t for you. If you want to develop as a person and focus on becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, then RNT will help you… and as an added bonus, you’ll get into great shape! Mindset is key. If you truly want to change, you have to allow yourself to be open to it and trust the process.

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