Busy And Energetic Mum Went From Skinny-fat To Lean And Strong

I had been watching the RNT transformations popping up on my newsfeed for a few months and was always thinking WOW!

The physical changes that the guys were making was truly fantastic.

Then Gita’s transformation came up, and I was in!

I had always enjoyed fitness.

I went to various gym classes, had a PT, joined a boot camp, and did various bits on my own volition, including distance runs.

And whilst I had always been pretty happy with my fitness, I was always disappointed with the lack of results in terms of physique.

Within weeks of starting with RNT, I realised the mistakes I had been making, and the immeasurable value gained from being coached in such a personalised way. The holistic approach to transformation, with so much attention paid to mental commitment, made all the difference.

Accountability is key, and I felt accountable to myself, and the RNT team. I made sure I hit all the targets, stayed consistent, and consequently, the improvements followed.

I am now in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy, and even better than when I was in my teens! I didn’t know this shape was hiding there under my ‘skinny fat’ look of the last three decades! I am now wearing clothes two dress sizes smaller, walking with a bounce in my step and raving about RNT to whoever will listen.

The community that RNT builds with its members, the access to all the relevant content, the science underpinning the training and diet, and the support and inspiration gained from others who have walked, and continue to, walk the path make what some may consider ‘faceless’ online training, very personal, and very relevant.

Thanks team RNT.

What you guys do goes beyond the physical, and the habits I have formed under your guidance, will last a lifetime.

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