Busy entrepreneur and doting dad Kishan dropped 16kgs and found a lifestyle fitness solution

I began the RNT journey in February 2019, not because I was overweight or unhappy with my body, but because I wanted to be more energetic and present for my toddler as he grows older, as well as be physically optimised for a huge work goal I had set for myself that year. My brother, Sunil, had been on this journey and I had seen the results he had achieved.

I didn’t particularly have poor lifestyle choices or ate badly. I believed in everything in moderation and probably fell into the bracket of most young men in their early 30s who are trying to juggle their career, friends and family. However, I didn’t want to be 40 and look back thinking that I could have made smarter choices to live a healthier life.

RNT has really been a game changer for me. I used to be a regular gym goer in my late teens and early twenties and in good shape but somewhere down the line, other priorities kicked in which led me to neglect my physical well-being. Kunal has taught me so many lifelong lessons in nutrition, training techniques and energy expenditure methods, that has given me the drive to take back control of my body and learn how to steer it in the direction I choose.

The fat loss phase saw me drop over 16kg in a 30 week period. I began my journey with a target of being over this phase within 16 to 20 weeks. However, 10 weeks in, I realised that although I was on target, I didn’t want to skip the social events or change my lifestyle so drastically to accommodate this one goal. I did not want to sacrifice the happiness in other areas of my life for my physical happiness. I wanted to have the best of all aspects of my life. From then on, my target changed and became more focused on reaching the target I had set myself while still enjoying life within certain limitations of the RNT diet. In addition I had flown out of the country on numerous occasions for work and had to buffer in all these trips to stay on target.

My transformation has given me the ultimate result I had desired. I have given my son and my wife the inspiration to be active and healthy. I have tackled all the challenges laid upon me at work, not to mention the long hours, which have not been easy. All the niggling health issues which I previously faced have been wiped out, which has given me total focus on the priorities in my life. I managed all this without sacrificing family time as I went to the gym at 5am in the morning giving me time in the evenings with my family. To top it all off, I live in Zambia where we face constant power and water cuts and I had to find ways around these issues and not make them an excuse to skip training.

A big thank you to RNT for the guidance, the online community that has been so valuable, and all the podcasts to get me through the hard cardio sessions.

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