Busy Father Jiten, Achieved His Dream Physique And Unlocked His Full Potential

Jiten had been working hard for years at the gym. But no matter how hard he tried he never managed to nail the lean and muscled physique he really desired.

Feeling demotivated, Jiten felt he had reached the point when he believed that his choice of being vegan was getting in his way of achieving his goal.

But when he saw RNT Founder’s vegan transformation on YouTube, he realised what was missing - he needed guidance from the experts

So, without any further hesitation Jiten signed up.

Here’s what Jiten had to say about his RNT journey and the impact it has had on his entire life.

What were the series of moments that led to your “trigger” moment to begin your journey with RNT?

After years of training in the gym and not seeing the results I wanted to see, I realised I needed some professional guidance.

Being a vegan myself, Akash’s Road to Vegan Shredded series really motivated me to join RNT and prove to myself that you can be lean and vegan!

I’m now the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

What were your biggest problems before starting RNT?

Just not seeing the results I expected. I was giving 110% in the gym for long periods of time but not seeing the physical result I wanted.

I thought I had the nutrition side of things covered, but since joining RNT, I realised I was doing a lot of things wrong! The educational side of working with RNT has been an absolute game changer for me.

What has the process been like, and the biggest challenges and obstacles?

The process has been seamless.

The coaches are great and always there to answer your queries either through the weekly zoom coaching calls or through your cohort chat.

Ivan has been great at answering my numerous questions and providing feedback on my training form.

The biggest challenge for me was to allow myself to go from 67k to 55kg. In my head, I wanted to gain muscle and therefore going through the initial “fat loss” phase seemed counterintuitive to me.

However, I was happy to surrender to the process and am better for it now. I managed to achieve the leanest physique ever!

However, the process was hard and required 100% commitment. I now look forward to seeing how I can implement this lifestyle solution.

How has the physical been the vehicle?

This has also been the game changer for me.

The focus and energy gained from seeing physical results, has gone hand in hand with my mental focus in all aspects of my life. This includes a deep mindset shift that anything is possible.

There is so much more to RNT – you get the complete package, training guidance, nutritional education, accountability, mindset coaching!

My wife and I were kickstarting a property development business at the same time I joined RNT and the two have gone hand in hand.

A lot of what I’ve been learning with RNT we have now implemented at home. For example, my wife now makes sure there is enough protein with each meal even for our two children.

I grew up on a Gujarati vegetarian diet where food is delicious but doesn’t include enough protein and is cooked with too much oil.

Now, we have learnt how to cook the same food with less oil and by adding easy protein sources like soya chunks, seitan, tofu and tempeh.

We are now generally more active as a family too. We will be walking to nursery come rain or shine

What almost kept you from joining?

I definitely had my doubts about online coaching and wasn’t sure how well it would work. Having had PT sessions before, I couldn’t fathom how an online coach would be able to give me guidance on my form! How wrong I was! I wish I had joined sooner!

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