Busy GP Satesh, Got Out Of His Comfort Zone And Unlocked His Full Potential

Satesh didn’t feel like he was obese, or that he needed to lose a lot of weight. He thought for someone in his late 40s, he was doing alright. He knew that sometimes he needed a bit more discipline.

He knew he tended to drink a tad bit too much and indulge in a few too many treats and snacks when out with friends.

He knew he needed to exercise, his routine was erratic, and he lacked proper structure.

He felt alright, but wished he had more energy in his tank by the end of the day so he could live a more fulfilling life. But he just wasn’t sure how he was going to fit it into his hectic schedule.

It all changed when Satesh’s wife Nitu signed up to RNT and he was impressed and blown away by her transformation.

Inspired by her incredible results, Satesh decided it was time he pulled his socks up as well. He didn’t want to feel tired and wiped out at the end of the day anymore. He wanted to be filled with energy and a zest for life.

Keen as he was, Satesh is a busy doctor with a hectic schedule, and he was worried about fitting in his meal preps, long walks and exercise.

But all his doubts were laid aside once he got the ball rolling!

“The process has been a complete transformation for the good. My time in the gym has been the real non-negotiable for me. I have figured out a way to make it work around my schedule. My intensity has gradually increased over time and the results have really pushed me to continue with the programme.”

Today, Satesh loves the way he feels, looks and performs! With the help of the RNT methodology, he’s built a unique structure, strategy and system in his life so he doesn’t have to worry about balancing his work and life commitments.

He is firing on all cylinders and is now unlocking his full potential! His days of feeling mediocre are over! And with his lifestyle fitness solution in place, he knows he would never need to go back to his old ways again.

We are so impressed by Satesh’s results! We can’t wait to see how his strength increases as he enters in The Investment Phase.

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