Busy Mum Of 3, Rena Dropped 24kgs And Now Has A New Surge Of Confidence

As a busy mum who’s had obstacles and challenges thrown at her throughout the year, Rena has maintained self-care as a priority at all times to ensure she’s able to be her best in all areas of life.

Leaning into the journey is essential - because when life gets hard, self-care should never slide down the list. The intensity can always slide up and down, but the strive to be a little better is never lost.

Her amazing progress is really a testament to the fact that she stayed consistent and continues to stay consistent more than a year into her journey. Starting in 2020, Rena has dropped 23.6kg in 45 weeks starting at 75.8kg and meeting her Checkpoint weight at 52.2kg in November 2021.

This is despite her initial fears of wondering how she would get on. Just goes to show the power of education and surrounding yourself in the right environment to thrive!

“Looking back at my early struggles during the CTP phase, when I first started my journey, I remember I had so much to eat and I just couldn’t finish my meals! I used to actually feel sick! I also found the steps quite hard at first but now I have got into a routine and love walking.

As I went through the journey I had to have a positive mindset and always thought about my ‘why’. I had to do something for myself as years of dieting had sent my weight up and down leaving me feeling rather demotivated and discouraged. Being overweight didn’t make me feel good.

My biggest obstacle that delayed my training was a knee injury, as I had overworked it.

However, having a physiotherapist has really helped me and now I can slowly go back to doing lunges and Bulgarian split squats.

My biggest win definitely is the fact that I have dropped so much weight and I really can’t believe it! I feel stronger and fitter and confident within myself. I haven’t been to the gym since March lockdown as my mother-in-law who lives with us is vulnerable and it just goes to show how much you can achieve just at home. It has taught my family to eat more healthy meals, especially vegetables. I feel so proud of my accomplishments especially as I am a busy wife and mother of 3!

My family have been very supportive. I look forward to continuing my journey to the next level!”

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