Busy professional Divyesh got into the shape of his life with RNT Fitness

I’ve always considered myself as someone who has been physically active. Playing sports throughout high school and university, hitting the gym frequently too, but I was also the chubby one within my friend circle (my nickname is Paddy). No matter what I did or how hard I trained, I’d get more strength and ‘muscle mass’ but I was never able to achieve the lean physique I aspired so much to have.

Then came working life and a whole new lifestyle ensued. Before I knew it, my gym membership was basically a waste of money, I was too tired and lazy to play any sports, my diet consisted of takeaways on most days and all of this resulted in me putting on about 15 kg over the span of a year. I could see it happening, my clothes wouldn’t fit, I was more sluggish in my daily activities but I didn’t do anything about it.

Then came a moment which has changed my life forever. The moment I realised that as a 25 year old, how did I want to live the rest of my life? When I was 60+ did I want to have diabetes and heart disease with creaky knees that wouldn’t be able to support my weight, or did I want to be able to go rock climbing, play football and badminton and be able to live to the fullest?

The answer was clear but where to begin?

That’s where RNT comes in! Having seen my elder brother go through the RNT process and what he was achieving, I read the philosophies of RNT and I knew that I had found a platform which will not just help me achieve what I wanted but it will help me stay there, teach me how to live a healthy lifestyle and be free….forever!

Initially, the struggle was real! On the first day of my RNT journey I ate leftover pizza because I had a stressful day! But the change had already begun, it begins the moment you fill out your ‘why’, I knew I was going to be held accountable for my actions by the RNT team. So I got up the next morning and worked out which was unthinkable for me. That’s what RNT does, it’s not guilt, it’s accountability. RNT teaches you to turn up on the days where you’re down and out for the count. You get up, you dust yourself off and you use the vast knowledge you get from the process to turn a bad day into an incredible one.

There is a real family feel to RNT, the coaches regularly share their knowledge and tips and other members help motivate you through The Grind. I’m not one for social media but the tips that everyone shares definitely makes you feel part of something so much bigger.

The coaches make sure that you learn how to balance your lifestyle. The solution is tailored to how you work and play so that your chances of accomplishing your goals are so much higher.

The process of RNT is tough, but it works. Without a shadow of a doubt, it works! I’ve been asked a hundred times ‘ what’s the secret?’ and the answer is always the same: ‘No secret, I just have RNT in my life.’

RNT just hasn’t changed the way I look and the way I feel, but what I’ve noticed most is that my mental strength has really improved too. From journaling and audiobooks, to yoga and meditation, to making more time for your loved ones, I now truly believe that once you begin to conquer the physical, you begin to conquer all areas of life.

The journey continues….

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