Checklist For Under Reporting

Checklist For Under Reporting

Why it is important to track all your meals as accurately as possible.

16 Sep 2019

Nutrition Beginner
1 Mins


The law of thermodynamics applies to us all, so if your fat loss has stalled here’s what may be going on.⁣
  • You forgot to track some things because you were busy. ⁣
  • You didn’t want to be reminded of some of the things you ate. ⁣
  • You were less active and your step count dropped off. ⁣
  • You missed your training sessions or did not train hard enough. ⁣
  • You missed your cardio session(s). ⁣
  • You ate your kids food and didn’t track it. ⁣
  • Your “ buffer “ wasn’t big enough for the social event your overate/or drank at. ⁣
  • You misreported what you actually ate. ⁣
  • You drank alcohol to excess and can’t vividly remember what you actually consumed. ⁣
  • It was a combination of all the above. ⁣
It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but if you have fallen victim to one or more of these there is a strong likelihood that those are the reasons for seemingly stalled fat loss. Go back and re-assess those and you should find everything moving again.⁣

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