Circadian Optimisation Rhythms, Part One

Circadian Optimisation Rhythms, Part One

When going through a fat loss journey the most important variable that needs to be managed is energy balance, which simply means you need to be expending more energy than you’re taking in over time. Simple in theory, not so simple in practice at times.

One aspect that is often overlooked is not paying attention to the regularity or timing of activities such as food intake, exercise, sleep onset, light exposure and socialisation. Your circadian rhythms, or internal “clocks” are the chief regulators of all of these activities and can really make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

Our bodies are adaptive machines, and loves making life easier for us when it knows what is coming on a day to day basis.  When you engrain the same eating schedule on a day to day basis, the mechanisms that govern digestion and blood glucose control all start to upregulate to anticipate your next meal coming in. This is why you start to get hungry at times you normally eat. This is fantastic as your body has a much better time handling this meal meaning you will feel fuller for longer, your blood glucose will be under better control and your digestion will improve.

Same deal for exercise. When your body gets used to a certain time to exert energy, it will start to pre prepare you for the event by raising stress hormones, minimising digestive processes and get you “in the zone”. This is another reason why when you first start training in the morning, it’s horrific, but as you do it more, it becomes much easier and you actually end up performing much better.

Not only does scheduling your eating and training time make life easier from a structure standpoint, your actual physiology also thrives which means when the diet does get tougher, you are much better equipped to handle if you keep your same schedule.

I’ll talk about how light, sleep and socialisation can also impact this internal clock of yours in the next part but for now implement the above and try to keep the timings as close as you can from a day to day basis and see how you get on!

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Ivan Gavranic

Ivan Gavranic is an RNT coach that specialises in body transformation, injury management and gymnastic/calisthenic based programming. Ivan’s relentless passion and drive for constant improvement and learning has had him work and consult with some of the best coaches in the world, and truly understand what it takes to achieve an incredible physique.