City Executive Dharmesh, Finally Found The Structure He Needed To Achieve His Dream Physique

Realising you need support and guidance to make a sustainable change is arguably the most crucial step to kick start a transformation journey.

This is what spurred Dharmesh into action: he had tried to hack it on his own but the results were far from satisfactory.

In his testimonial he talks about his struggles and how if it wasn’t for RNT, he would never have been able to achieve his dream physique.


In 2022, I found myself stuck in a rut so deep I thought I would never be able to break free. I had tried and tested multiple things to bring myself to a better place but made very little progress.

Although I lead a generally healthy lifestyle; my biggest challenge was consistency and discipline, especially when it came to fitness.

I would start off with the right intentions but would soon lose motivation. After a few weeks of trying hard to follow a plan I would soon slide back into old habits and start rationalising my reasons for putting off exercise.

After following this disruptive pattern for a while I knew that I had to do something different and RNT felt like it would offer me the structure I desperately needed.

The comprehensive plan I received for training and nutrition when I started was catered especially for me. The training schedule was also simple, flexible and could easily fit into my busy life.

The daily and weekly check-ins were exactly what I needed to stay on track. My coaches and cohort kept me accountable and motivated, while also providing valuable support and advice when I needed it.

A big bonus was all the educational material RNT provides on training, nutrition and mindset. It really helped me understand the reasons behind what we were doing and that was really eye-opening.

Of course, there were challenges along the way. The strict nutrition plan was particularly difficult in social situations - but with the right mindset and support from friends and family, I was able to stay on track. And when I did slip up, my coaches and fellow RNTers in my cohort were there to help me get back on track and stay focused on my goals.

What really helped me deal with cravings when the going got tough were all the tips and tricks the coaches had up their sleeves. My all time favourite nutrition hack shared with me from the coaching team is to add xanthan gum to protein smoothies. Just this simple trick made me feel like I was eating a big bowl of ice cream everyday!

I have to admit that before joining RNT, I did have some hesitations about whether the program would be right for me. But after reading testimonials on the website and talking with Akash (RNT founder) about the program, I was convinced.

I was impressed by the tailored approach and the nutritional strategies that were available for vegan and plant-based diets. And the online coaching worked seamlessly, making it easy for me to stay connected and motivated no matter where I was.

Overall, I’m so glad I made the decision to join RNT. It’s helped me to overcome my initial challenges and make significant progress towards my fitness goals, while also providing valuable support and advice along the way.

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