City Worker Henil Gets Rid Of Sedentary Weight With Newfound Structure

I have been following RNT closely from its early days having known Akash from university through a mutual friend. Whilst I had experimented with the gym with friends from time to time, I had never really held any interest in fitness and training. I had tried and failed with many different diet plans, and genuinely didn’t see how I could get the physique I was after, and was leading a sedentary “city worker” life. I decided to take the plunge and join RNT as I was frankly embarrassed at how far I had let myself go since graduating – this really hit home following a holiday to the Philippines with friends, who are all in great shape – and having proudly held nicknames such as “Breadzy” and “Romesh” over the years.

Since joining RNT, I can honestly say for the first time in my life I’m actually enjoying training, have a better understanding of nutrition than ever before, and really enjoy eating a clean diet consistently. The RNT team has been the relentless pillar of support throughout my journey, and on the days when I have wanted to give up, they have been there making sure I carry on. The regular accountability was invaluable to me and ensured I stayed on track.

During lockdown where I was cleaning out the wardrobe, it hit home when I saw the clothes I used to wear versus the clothes I wear now – I still can’t believe how much of a transformation I have gone through. Having consolidated fairly successfully, I am able to enjoy home food and the occasional pizza without the guilt and weight gain!

Since joining RNT, more than anything else I have learned to implement structure in all aspects of my life – whilst at work, at home – even on holidays! Akash and team have created a truly unique family environment at RNT, which has constantly provided me with motivation, education, and laughter and most importantly to me, an amazing support network with the RNT Family.

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