Vanita Conquered Her Demons To Be In The Shape Of Her Life At 50

“A while ago, I took a break from my career to become a full-time carer to my mum. Becoming a full-time carer was the toughest ‘job’ I have ever done. It required mental and physical agility and stamina and over time it became a mentally, emotionally and physically challenging journey. Caring for my mum’s health and wellbeing was my 1st and foremost priority and my needs became secondary!

At the same time, I was also going through menopause, I was in my 50s and really felt the effects of this transition. Nobody talks about the side effects some women have to experience, which have been both physical and mental. Your body and mind is taken over, with mood swings, eating and drinking disorders, hot flashes, night sweats, which interrupts sleeps. Not getting a good night’s rest made me tired and stressed all the time. I had no energy and low moods and no motivation.

I also noticed losing body strength! My bone structure was becoming fragile, so I found it hard to lift things or take care of my mum. I became grossly overweight through emotional eating and had problems with my knees, feet, lower back making it really difficult to get up in the mornings.

Before my career break, I was very active. I used to glide, sail, hike and had an abundance of energy to get up and go. After my mum passed away, I was free falling in this dark tunnel. The loss of my mum, emotionally and physically drained me even further. I felt lost and then my niece recommended I join RNT and my life transformed!

Joining RNT transformation is the best thing I have done! It’s an investment I know will serve me well in my health and wellbeing.

I feel physically and mentally fit, like I was in my late 30s. I feel so confident, ready to take on the world again. ALL of my health and menopause symptoms have gone! I now wake up every day at 6am and do 15k - 20k steps, train 3 times a week and do cardio twice a week, have a diet plan which is nutritionally balanced, I have taken up hobbies some of them are new and some that had been shelved. Most of all RNT has given me the formula to age gracefully for a lifestyle solution. Having cared for my mum and seeing her with all the health problems, I want to ensure that I’m strong and have strength physically and mentally. I want to jump out of bed to do all the adventure sports I love. I want to be able to eat what I want and when I want and I am in the best state of health and wellness possible.”

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