Dad Of 3 Juggled Life And Work To Feel Energetic And Young Again

My name is Alan Foran, Father of 3 boys aged 12,10,3. I work as a care assistant and manage and sing in a wedding band called Long Time Coming.

I’ve been training almost daily for the past 15 years purely for the love of it and the feeling of pressing iron and the headspace. I was always a Monday to Friday guy with my diet, weekends out working with the band would always consist of large binges before and after work. I was undoing all of the hard work I’d put in during the week..

As the business got busier and the family grew larger, the binges became more frequent. My wife and I used to have chips/curry Wednesdays like it was an occasion. To add to this, I became very prone to injury. 3 knee operations later I was in the worst shape I’d ever been. With the extra weight and soreness from injury, my training suffered, I was half-hearted when it came to my workouts and I started skipping sessions.

I discovered RNT via social media, I’d been following their content and loved how helpful the tips were, free advice? I found this crazy, how do these guys make a living telling people what to do for nothing.

I took the plunge out of pure frustration, and I sent them a DM after a post about training around injuries. My biggest fear was jumping into something, committing time and money and not being able to go as hard with my training as I did in my 20s.

They scheduled a call, which came on time and I’m a stickler for punctuality. They talked me through the process, linked me up with a coach who has a background in corrective training, and worked around my injuries.

We went through in detail what my goals were, how often I could train, my lifestyle etc. We devised a training plan and an eating plan. Food was set so I couldn’t veer off the plan, and that took the thinking out of it. The training was a four day split. The idea was to not over do it, not to burn out, and instead to focus on getting value out of the work out.

I’d questioned the volume, with respect to the number of sets, as I was used to the old school ‘bodybuilding’ methods of training. ‘Chest day 24 sets’, not the case here, I was reassured that the process would work if I was patient and made the most out of my workouts, progressing in reps of weight each time. And it did, trust the process.

The regular accountability kept me focused on my goals, every pound off made me want another one off, even if I was off my diet or messed up knowing I could report it in and get back on track ASAP, meant I wouldn’t go back to that dreaded downward spiral.

Results have been great, I feel like my old self and I have the capacity and knowledge to know how to eat better. I can live a lifestyle I’ve always wanted while maintaining weight.

I’m really looking forward to the next phase!

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