Dedicated dad Amar stopped spinning his wheels lost 40lbs and transformed his life

When I started this journey in October 2018, I was honestly not expecting much. I saw my sister-in-law (Shalini Desai) go through her transformation but I had been weightlifting for 25 years with mixed results…why would this be any different?

As background, I’ve always worked out. I ran track in high-school, Cross-fit, several full and half marathons and nearly every infomercial video you can buy (P90X, Insanity, etc.). I was able to lose weight but it would find its way back (and to my front) which was frustrating at best and demoralizing at worst. Why would this time be any different? What’s my “why”? Well, I was turning 40 in January 2019 and my wife and I would be giving our 4 year old daughter a brother in November 2018. These are two major events and I wanted to face them in the best physical/mental/spiritual shape I could be.

So I started.

During the next 9 months I realized that “RNT” really stands for “Regret N Tears”. Starting out at 180 pounds, all I wanted to do was hit 165 and not be completely repulsive to my wife. I was able to fly past the former (still working on the later) and ended up at 140! For a lot of guys, I think it’s a pride issue and they don’t want to admit they need help. Thanks to the team at RNT I was able to finally get into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. After many different programs with unsustainable results, I finally realized that RNT stands for “Results Not Typical”…but glad to see more and more people are believing that anything is possible.

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