Dedicated family man Chirag boosted his health and wellbeing and changed his life

As a middle-age father of two, I was in the worst shape of my life. My family had a long history of cardiovascular disease, including a cousin who died of a heart attack and was survived by his wife and two young kids. One day, my wife came to me in tears, worried about me. I told her, “Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen to me.” But I really didn’t know what I was going to do to make that true.

I bought into a certain stereotype that people of my background were better at intellectual endeavors and should leave physical challenges to others. So I never took dieting or exercise seriously for any extended period of time. Then I saw the amazing transformations that RNT was posting on social media. RNT was turning middle-age, couch-potato adults, like myself, into bonafide Rock Stars. I wondered, “what are these guys at RNT doing?” Fortunately, RNT provides many free articles and podcasts that describe the fitness journey and clients’ personal experiences. Clients describe in their own words their experience and how RNT changed their life. That’s when you know it’s real. No gimmicks, just genuine appreciation for what they were able to achieve with the help of RNT. After I listened to Diksesh’s podcast, which was so powerful and motivating, it sealed the deal for me. I knew this was the answer to living a healthier, fuller life with my wife and kids. I signed up with RNT and the rest was history.

The RNT Fitness journey is about more than transforming your body. It’s about the process of achieving that transformation and the mental fortitude needed to do so. It connects the physical to the mental. The process teaches you a lot about yourself, about your supporters, and separates facts from opinions (and there are many). It also teaches you that it helps to have a guide show you the way. Trusting the process and the team was essential for me. There is no substitute for having an experienced coaching team, who sincerely care about helping you achieve your goals. I would have fallen well short of my checkpoint had I not had the incredible guidance and positivity from the RNT team. Now that I have achieved that goal, I feel incredible about myself. My confidence and energy are at levels I never had before. I am a new man. And now, I find myself in the unusual position of inspiring others to do the same. All because I made the decision to sign up with RNT.

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