Dedicated New Dad Chetan Chavda, Lost 25+ Kilos And Kept It Of Off By Creating A Sustainable Lifestyle Fitness Solution

Just a few months before embarking on the roller-coaster ride that is fatherhood, Chet realised that he just didn’t feel good about himself.

Weighing in at 97kgs, Chet was the heaviest he had ever been! He knew that something needed to change so he could be the best version of himself for his soon to be born child.

Chet had tried multiple diets and tried to make it to the gym a few times a week, but he had no structure or strategy in place. This predictably resulted in him yo-yoing, which left him feeling even more frustrated and unfit!

Today, 2 years into his RNT journey and 25+ kilos lighter, Chet has zeroed in on an effortless lifestyle fitness solution. He has a solid structure, strategy and system that is his foundation for living a life that is bursting with vitality and energy.

In this Q&A with Akash, Chetan talks about his journey with RNT and how he surmounted the obstacles and challenges in his RNT journey.

Akash - What were the series of moments that led to your ‘trigger’ moment to begin your journey with RNT?

Chetan - Seeing myself at my biggest, during lockdown and knowing my son was soon going to be born was my biggest trigger. I needed to make a change and get fitter so I could be the best husband and dad I could be. I wanted to create a healthy environment for my family and lead by setting a good example.

Akash - What were your biggest problems before starting RNT?

Chetan - I had been trying to lose body fat for a decade! But instead of seeing my weight go down it only steadily increased over that period of time. It came to a point when I thought I was never going to be fit again! I felt so defeated and thought dieting and working out was pointless and just a waste of time.

Akash - What has the RNT process been like, and the biggest challenges and obstacles?

Chetan - I found the process simple to follow and surprisingly enjoyable! Of course at the start I had to put in the graft, but once I got into a good routine it became second nature.

In the beginning, things were going quite well and I was making really good progress until my son was born in Feb 2021. That’s when things slowed down massively! However, with the help of the RNT coaches I was able to maximise my output. I learned that I had the power to achieve my goals if I really wanted to!

Akash - What almost kept you from joining RNT?

Chetan - I guess I was guilty of taking a rather know-it-all approach to my fitness training. I had lost a lot of weight during my teens, so I thought I could do it again and didn’t need or want help. I know now that I was clueless, I evidently didn’t know how to turn my health around. After all, my body’s needs now when I am in my 30s are completely different when compared to what I needed in my teens!

Akash - How has the physical been the vehicle?

Chetan - I have more energy to perform in everyday life and this is a huge bonus when raising a child. The process has become my lifestyle and this helps me plan, organise and structure my day with so much more efficiency.

It is no mean feat to drop 25+ kilos and keep it off! Rewiring behaviours and mindsets that have been ingrained for years takes effort, discipline and dedication, attributes that Chet possesses in spades!

He was able to drill down and really transform because his ‘why’ was so deep: his desire to be the best father he could be kept him steadfast on his fitness journey, and the results are truly inspiring!

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