With A Demanding Schedule Dentist Surinder Reached Ultimate Fitness In His 40s

Earlier this year my wife, Arwinder and I were discussing that now we’re in our early 40s, we should have a health check done to see how we were faring on the ‘insides’. But just before we paid out for some rather expensive private health assessments, we saw two of our dear friends, Anand and Gita, go through some amazing transformations with RNT. So we decided as a couple to switch paths and invest into transforming our lives with RNT instead.

The backdrop to this is that I’ve always enjoyed sports and going to the gym, but over the years I had progressively become more sedentary. I have a very busy career as a dentist, where I work extremely long hours running my own multi surgery business catering to a discerning private clientele. Coupled to that I am a family man with three children who are all in secondary education with a plethora of extra-curricular activities to contend with. And on top of that, I also lead a busy social life catching up with a wide network of family and friends. All in all, I’m always on the go, but despite this, never paid the right attention to actual physical movement and only ever trained at the gym or played football a few times a week.

Working with RNT and their holistic approach changed everything, and some of the pillars of success with RNT include:

  1. Diet - Being such a busy person and mentally on the go all the time meant that having a specifically tailored diet removed the mental inertia of having to plan meals. RNT made it easy for me to follow and just focus on execution.
  2. Accountability - I wanted my weekly photos, waist measurements and weight to demonstrate progress each week – this was a powerful motivator for me.
  3. Consistency - After hearing it from RNT all the time, I learnt just how important this was across the board.
  4. Knowledge - RNT’s knowledge and understanding of what it takes is excellent. They always answered my probing questions honestly and I knew it was backed by a wealth of experience and research. They bring a crucial level of added value unseen anywhere else.

I am so pleased with what I’ve achieved, and know I’ll be using RNT for the long term. I have received so much positive feedback from people around me commenting on how much my physique has improved, and I certainly feel so much better in my clothes as well as in myself.

RNT has been a true game changer, and I’m so pleased I discovered it almost by accident. The key to success is that you have got to want it, I certainly did, and now I want to move onto the next level in my body conditioning. The best thing of all is that my wife and I did this together and this investment in better health is the best gift we could have given to ourselves.

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