Doctor Get Shredded In 6 Months

A doctor’s drive to find optimum fitness - An RNT Hero Story

Sunny was training to be a doctor. His schedule was hectic and erratic. His food choices were far from ideal, his time at the gym lacked structure. He was stagnating, felt lethargic and needed to make a big change.

“I am a go-getter. I am not afraid of hard work and I was determined to change my life around. I knew that to be the best doctor I needed to be on top of my game physically so I can put in the hours and be sharp and focused. When I saw the transformations of some of my friends after they joined RNT, I knew what was missing in my life.”

The ‘Why’

Sunny had ambitious goals and he wasn’t afraid to put in the work. He wanted to get sculpted abs and build a muscular body frame.

While that was his physical goal, his higher motivations lay in breaking away from bad habits that had been embedded in his life since he was a child.

“I wanted to calm down my appetite. I tend to stress-eat quite a lot. I wanted to stop those bad habits and eat only what I need to fuel myself. This meant that I needed to develop self-disciple and change these deep seated habits. I wanted to join RNT so I could have the support and guidance of an amazing team to help me be more self-disciplined. I wanted to transform my life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.”

The RNT Solution

Sunny more than met all his goals, he dropped 25% of his total body weight!! He stuck to the script and made sure he ticked off every item on his checklist. Through Cleaning The Palate and driving hard into the Process Phase, he straightened out his diet and made sure he meal prepped so he didn’t veer off the path when he was too busy. He planned ahead so even with his erratic schedule he got all his workouts in and met his step target.

Through his RNT journey, he had totally transformed his life and completely rewired his habits. He was in control of his appetite and was able to flex his macros to make sure he stayed within his calorie limits.

He now has the formula to ensure that he doesn’t rebound - he is the fittest he has ever been and plans to stay that way.


“I joined RNT because I saw the amazing transformations my friends who had done the program had. I always wanted the same for myself, but my inconsistent diet always came in the way. I felt that I needed someone who could understand my busy work lifestyle and construct a diet regimen for me that was easy and consistent. The Grind was tough! Twice a day workouts and hunger pangs and temptations almost got the better of me. But with the support of the coaches and the RNT community’s accountability system I stayed on the path and managed to achieve my goals.”

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