Dropping 21kgs To Find Clarity: How Zane's Journey to Fitness Transformed His Life

It wasn’t until Zane was looking over his honeymoon photos that he realised how out of shape he was. 

Amidst the chaos of wedding preparations and work demands, he had slipped up on maintaining his fitness. Not only did he not like what he saw in the pictures, he also didn’t feel as energetic as before.  

Reflecting on how he had ended up letting himself go was the wake-up call he needed. It pushed him to take action and join RNT Fitness.

Embracing the process 

In the past, his accountability had always been the problem. 

He had always been passionate about fitness, but without someone or something to keep him on track, it was all too easy to lose focus and fall into a rut. 

With RNT, Zane found what he really wanted: a structured approach to nutrition and exercise

“I love travelling and exploring new cities, but I never thought about taking in the sights and sounds on foot. I enjoy walking now and make it a point to head out for a walk every day.” 

While Zane found some aspects easy to adopt into his routine - he found the nutrition piece a bit more tricky. 

“Most social occasions revolve around food, so controlling portion sizes, choosing salads and resisting dessert were interesting challenges. Now it’s become second nature! I know how to enjoy myself while still focusing on my health goals.” 

Zane enjoys spending time with friends and family, so balancing work, social commitments and time for training was a challenge. 

“Now, if I’m meant to meet up with friends, I try to organise a fun activity or simply a long walk rather than meeting for drinks or an unhealthy meal. This simple change in approach has brought me so many enriching experiences.” 

The ripple effect 

Zane’s transformation journey acted as a catalyst for positive changes in all aspects of his life. 

It was as if a fog had lifted, giving him clarity of mind when before he felt sluggish. 

“I became so much more productive at work. Before I would complain about challenges, but now I face them with a clear head. This positivity has helped me climb up the corporate ladder faster!” 

His relationships improved too! 

As a new dad, Zane’s focus on prioritising his health was perfectly timed. The structure he developed with RNT helped him navigate the challenges of taking care of a newborn. 

“My bond with my wife deepened. But the real surprise was the impact my transformation had on my family and friends. Suddenly all of them made more of an effort to make their health a priority. This is the best part of my journey with RNT - seeing my family live healthier, happier lives!” 

Zane’s RNT journey, though challenging, has unlocked a realm of growth, empowerment, and fulfilment that he never dreamed possible.

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