Eager For Results, Josh Boosted His Energy Levels And Got His Dream Body

I have been training in some way, shape or form for 10 years. Always hoping to get 6 pack abs and a great body. I have tried SO many different workout styles and diets. Typically I would get into the gym, get bored of the gym as I did not see the type results I expected from the time invested. I would do HIIT workouts at home and also got into running to lose body fat. All of these felt good at the start but they never lasted and never got me the results I wanted.

Diet wise I have always been healthy and a few years ago I decided that a low fat, high carb diet worked well for me. It was good and easy to do but in reality, I would crash and burn every week around Thursday and would often gorge on meat and peanut butter and overeat. I also have a busy social and work life which would often get in the way of training and of course I ended up gaining weight!

I joined RNT as I wanted the results which I saw other RNTers achieve as part of their programme and to be honest I never actually believed I would be able to get a 6 pack.

The main thing I have enjoyed so much about RNT is that their mantra is to keep it simple and to NOT overthink it. I wanted to lose 10kg before my 29th birthday and achieve my goal of a ‘dream body’.

They gave me the training programme, and a caloric intake to stick to and the results were nothing short of life changing.

I lost weight and gained muscle which got me photoshoot ready before my 29th. Aside from the physical results though, the real results for me have been my mindset and energy. As a result of the programme my business is doing better than ever before and I am full of a new found drive and confidence.

I now have better control over my relationship with food and I have settled into some huge lifestyle changes after a challenging but rewarding fat loss phase. RNT has gone above and beyond and is constantly there, supporting me on the good days and the bad to help me through. The support given by the coaches and the simplicity that RNT introduces is incredible. I can recommend them highly and even after my photoshoot, I have no plans to stop using their service as I cannot imagine training without them.

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