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Entrepreneur And Dentist, Kish, Reflects on his RNT Journey

We love it when RNTers take what they learn during their RNT journey and apply it to all aspects of their life. That’s when we know that we are making a big difference.

This is what Kish, a successful dentist and entrepreneur, had to say about his experiences.

Reflecting on the last 5 years of birthdays during this lockdown period and I thought I would post a non-dental before & after

Work-life integration and the balance of physical and mental wellbeing has never been more important.

Mindset Is Where It All Begins

The Growth Mindset is an area which is overlooked when training, as diet and exercise are seen as the key elements to developing physical well-being.

The most important part of this journey is starting with your ‘why’. Mine was simple - my family, and being around as long as possible for them

When you get knocked down, and when the going gets tough, which it most definitely will, your growth mindset is the driving force that will get you off the floor again and again

Visualise Your Goals

Daily visualisation of your goals can rapidly accelerate your achievement of those goals. It kick starts your subconscious to generate ideas, it programmes your brain to recognise the resources you need, it builds motivation and most importantly it activates the Law of Attraction, attracting positive influences and tools to achieve your goals. .

Motivation gets you going, but Discipline keeps you growing

Skills are acquired through discipline. Self-discipline is a frame of mind. When we think positive thoughts, self-discipline is more readily activated. Encourage positive self-talk, and keep your eyes on your goals. Doing this will encourage you to work harder than you think you did yesterday.

Remember, we are never the finished article, keep learning, keep training, keep growing.

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