EP 100: Akash & His Parents: Coming from Africa, Secrets to Successful Relationships & Riding the RNT Journey

EP 100: Akash & His Parents: Coming from Africa, Secrets to Successful Relationships & Riding the RNT Journey

We’ve hit a century at RNT Fitness Radio! To mark the special occasion, I decided to bring on my greatest mentors and supporters in life: my parents!

In a candid episode, we dive into their reaction to my change in career choice, their roots in Africa, social stigmas and community shifts, the secrets to successful relationships – both romantically and within families, where my drive comes from, and their thoughts on what we’re building at RNT.

Nothing at RNT would be possible without their support – they’ve been there through every part of the rollercoaster journey, the highs and the lows, so it only made sense to mark episode 100 with them.


 ‘’If you have good education, you can go anywhere in the world’’


           Dipak Vaghela

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1.37 – Going back in time

4.46 – Entrepreneurial roots

11.54 – Moving to Pinner

12.29 – Life here vs Africa

15.16 – How Akash’s parents met

21.39 – Secrets to a successful marriage

27.16 – Importance of communication

31.02 – Tips for young parents

36.04 – The career shift for Akash and his parents

41.48 – Akash’s theatre story

50.51 – Social stigmas

52.55 – How did Akash’s parents feel when he competed in bodybuilding

57.51 – What has Akash been like since he started RNT?

1.02.52 – How has RNT impacted Akash’s parents?

1.09.02 – The RNT community

1.15.05 – Proudest moment of RNT

1.16.41 – Parting words from the parents



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Akash Vaghela is the Director of RNT Fitness. He specialises in transforming the bodies of City executives, CEOs, actors, physique athletes and regular people who want to be in the best shape of their lives. Akash has written for T-Nation, Elite FTS, Flex UK, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, MensXP, the Square Mile, Muscle Monsters, the PTDC, Advanced Coaching Academy, and Ultimate Performance.