Ep 282 - Will You Keep The Weight Off? (Secrets Revealed!)

25 Jul 2022


Ep 282 - Will You Keep The Weight Off? (Secrets Revealed!)

In this episode of RNT Fitness Radio, the team and I dissect what it really takes to keep the weight off. With socials, restaurants, late night snacking, and the busyness of life, making it all too easy to fall off the wagon, this podcast discusses the nitty gritty reasons behind why people fail long-term, and how to turn even 2 years of progress, into 20 years of crystallised gains.

00:00 - AV's Poll Results
01:24 - Caloric control when eating out
04:05 - Your Choices on a social event
08:15 - How to keep your focus and discipline to get the healthy lifestyle that you want
08:36 - Ed being a parent and choosing a fit lifestyle
13:01 - Your 'Why' on a fitness journey
15:47 - Ivan's thoughts on most people's 'Why's'
17:53 - Akash's thoughts on people not hitting their fitness goals
29:56 - Socialising without actually going out to see other people - social media
31:22 - Knowing priority values
35:33 - Being around other people with high standards is linked to your identity

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