EP 29 – Interview with Rachel Saunders

EP 29 – Interview with Rachel Saunders

Today, Adam and Akash sit down with fitness model and personal trainer, Rachel Saunders. They dive deep on the struggles of women in the fitness space including, body image issues and eating disorders. Rachel also shares her personal experiences with competing and gives us a brief rundown of how she preps. Also, stay tuned to discover Rachels 3 best tips for women on enhancing your glutes.

“Nothing else to push me other than my own goal.”

Rachel Saunders

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[2:50] Who is Rachel Saunders and how she became part of the fitness world

[8:17] What motivated Rachel to compete

[11:33] Rachel’s advice to women who struggle with comparisons on social media

[19:44] A quick rundown of Rachel’s training, cardio, and meal plan

[25:40] Eating disorders amongst competitors

[38:09] What Rachel focuses on during the offseason for strength goals

[42:42] How Rachel approaches nutrition with her general population clients

[45:15] 3 best tips for women on building or growing glutes

[49:45] Supplement staples every client should use

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