Ep 296 - Women’s Health & Fitness Myths Part 2

Oct 17th, 2022


Ep 296 - Women’s Health & Fitness Myths Part 2

This is the second part of our women’s special podcast. In this episode, I’m joined by the team to dissect all the popular health and fitness myths women face on a day to day basis. Everything from the menstrual cycle, to pregnancy, to skinny fat syndrome, to effective training… as well as what things women who are less than 50kgs need to consider when they want to change their body composition. This is an episode for both men and women to tune into, dissect and take notes from, as many of the myths women are hit by, are closely linked to what men experience too. 

Time Stamps

00:33 - How should a woman who is sub 50kgs approach fat loss?
04:33 - Skinny fat syndrome for women is different than men
05:45 - The margin error is so small so activity is higher 
08:46 - Should women eat more or less protein than men?
12:56 - Should women do a lot more cardio than men?
15:26 - Why the gym is the most optimum environment 
19:14 - Finding the balance between cardio and strength 
21:12 - Keep it simple and stick to the basics
23:28 - Why weight fluctuations through the month
29:48 - Scale weight is not a direct measure of body fat 
33:27 - How to add treats to fit into calorie and macro target
35:35 - How to train around pregnancy 
38:47 - Try to be in the best health possible while pregnant 
41:58 - How to manage health post pregnancy 

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