Ep 297 - The Traditional Indian Diet: Can It Be Healthy?

Oct 24th, 2022


Ep 297 - The Traditional Indian Diet: Can It Be Healthy?

I get asked every single week…“Can I still eat curry and lose weight?” So I asked Coach Sanj if she wanted to jump on a podcast to discuss practical strategies on how to navigate the Indian diet, whether you grew up on it, or whether you’re just an Indian food lover!
I mean, who doesn’t love a good curry?
The inherent problem is…The typical Indian diet set up is atrocious for body composition. Mainly because it’s just loaded to the gills with carbs. And if not prepared with health in mind, probably tons of poor quality oils too. A recipe for disaster. So what do you do? The answer lies in this podcast, coupled with a guide my team and I have put together, which I’ve linked in the show notes.
Time Stamps

00:15 - How to adapt and change the Indian diet
01:13 - What’s wrong with the typical Indian diet
02:44 - Home cooked Indian meals 
03:50 - Excess use of poor quality oil can harden fat cells 
04:46 - Why is the Indian diet structured the way it is?
07:44 - Is it genetics or the environment and culture
09:30 - It’s so hard to say no, as it’s seen as rude
10:22 - Typical Indian diet is carb and fat heavy and low in protein
11:33 - How to make adjustments to the Indian diet
14:49 - Use 1 cal spray for tempering 
16:30 - You can get the flavour of Indian curries without the extras 
17:30 - You can get used to low fat meals 
19:47 - Make home cooked taste as good as a take-outs 
20:47 - Easy recipe ideas 
23:00 - How to structure your plate 
24:19 - How to navigate around the festive period
26: 50 - When you are in control you’re less likely to feel guilty 
27: 53 - Social stigma is the biggest within the Asian culture 
30:19 - Don’t use oil and see if anyone notices
30:39 - Air fryers can be useful 
31:24 - Changes are actually quite minimal
34:44 - Stop the racing mentality 

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