Ep 300 - #AskAV: 80 Years Old Advice, Eating Out, Rebounds & Workout Splits

Nov 9th, 2022


Ep 300 - #AskAV: 80 Years Old Advice, Eating Out, Rebounds & Workout Splits

Today I’m very excited to welcome you to EPISODE 300 of the RNT Fitness Radio podcast. I want to start off by saying a massive thank you to all of you who’ve subscribed, left a review, spread the word, shared this podcast with your family, friends and on your stories, and used this podcast as the anchor for your own transformation journey.

Before recording this, I even Googled to see how many podcasts have reached more than 300 episodes, and whilst I didn’t get many accurate answers, I think it’s a good milestone! Next year I want to take the podcast to the next level with production, guests, depth and overall quality of content. A big part of attracting guests, and helping spread the word for the podcast, is reviews. Right now we’re at 101 reviews on Apple Podcasts, and I want to see if we can get this to 125 by the end of the year.

The good news is, I was chatting with our supplement partners at Optimum Nutrition, and for the first 25 reviews submitted, Optimum Nutrition have very kindly agreed to send you a free supplement starter pack with the basic essentials you need on your fitness journey. Due to food shipping however, this will be for UK listeners only. 

I know this podcast has listeners in over 90 different countries, so I want to do something cool for you too. So for the first 25 reviews submitted from outside the UK, I’ll personally sign a copy of my book, Transform Your Body Transform Your Life, and ship it to you or a loved one of yours. I’ll leave the choice up to you. All you need to do - whether you’re in the UK or not, is screenshot your review, and email it over to info@rntfitness.com with your mailing address, and we’ll ship your gift over.

Oh and by the way, if you didn’t know, we are now partnered with the world’s leading premium supplement brand, Optimum Nutrition, where you can get 20% off in their US and UK stores using RNT20 at checkout. Please note this won’t be applicable to bundle deals they already have on the site.

Once again, a huge thank you for all the support on the podcast so far, I’m excited to continue sharing the journey with you.

Time Stamps
01:23 - 02:36: Q1 What would you tell yourself in 2010?
09:41 - 10:15: Q2 What advice would your 80 year old self give to you right now? 
16:33 -17:48 : Q3 How do you manage eating out with friends and family and sticking to my plan? 
22:49 - 24:14: Q4 How do you avoid rebounding after I get into shape?
28:35 - 29:06: Q5 How do you know whether you should do an upper / lower split, full body workouts, or a more split up routine like push / pull / legs?
33:27 - 35:43: Q6 “I don't have time to cook during the day, so how do I still stick to my nutrition plan?
39:58 - 40:53 : Q6.2 - “I’m also on the road a lot, what can I do to help?”
41:07 - 43:07 : Q7 What is your biggest struggle as a CEO? What did you learn from it?
45:35 - 47:52 - Q8 What have 300 episodes of podcasting taught you about yourself?

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I’m very excited and proud to announce we’ve developed a brand new partnership with one of the world’s leading premium supplement brands, Optimum Nutrition, where they’ll be helping support our RNT members, and listeners of this podcast, on their journey of health, fitness and total transformation. With the world’s #1 best-selling protein powder in their range, and a growing plant-based range, you can now use the code RNT20 to get 20% off in their US and UK stores. My personal favourite are their plant-based protein bars. I’ve literally done a 180 on protein bars since discovering these, and these were a game changer during my recent long stints in Bali and the US!
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