Ep 305 - Is Getting SHREDDED Bad For You?

Dec 12th, 2022


Ep 305 - Is Getting SHREDDED Bad For You?

On this episode of RNT Fitness Radio I bring the team on to discuss whether getting shredded, and dieting to an extreme, where you push yourself as hard as you can to do something you never thought possible, is worth doing. And of course, whether some of the recent media around dieting, extreme fat loss, and getting shredded, is actually true. We segue nicely into discussing what a true transformation actually entails, and what to consider to see if you’re ready for one.

Time Stamps

02.00 Where did this idea come from - Getting SHREDDED Bad For You?
06.00 Where it goes from in the fitness journey.
08:00 Are you being too aggressive? 
12.25 - Are you dieting? 
13.35 - Are you just dipping your toes?
17.20 - What does it mean to be “All in”
20.30 - Taking control 
21.50 - What a physical transformation does to you mentally. 
25.15 - Actions Vs Priorities 
32.00 - What do you want with your life? 
36.30 - Why you need to have a plan
38.00 - Future thinking 
43.00 - Your top 3 priorities

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