22 Sep 2021


Ep. 32 - The Evolution of Bodybuilding w/ Troy Brown

Today on the RNT fitness radio, we talk to Troy Brown, an ex-professional football player, IFBB pro bodybuilder, and fitness coach.

He tells us how he transitioned from professional football to pro bodybuilding and what it was like moving from competing in England to competing in America.
With a passion to inspire and help others, Troy explains how he had to stop competing due to an injury and reminds us to keep going, not give up and always have faith.

“We live in a society where we want instant gratification, but you have to do your time, it takes years and years to gain muscle. ”

-Troy Brown


2:12 – Troy’s past and how he moved from professional footballer to bodybuilder

9:10 – Moving to Canada for exposure and to improve your bodybuilding career

12:02 – What is it that makes some bodybuilders so special and always place first, while others, who seem as physically fit, will place lower?

18:26 – The differences between competing in amateur and pro bodybuilding competitions

20:34 – How bodybuilding has changed over time and the formation of new categories

30:46 – The reasons for starting a podcast and the move from selfishness to helping others

34:05 – How giving without expecting anything in return shifted Troy’s mentality, made him happier and got him financial security.

43:30 – Troy’s daily routine and the difficulties in transitioning away from the bodybuilding mentality

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