EP 33 – Interview with Martin MacDonald

EP 33 – Interview with Martin MacDonald

On today’s episode of RNT, Adam, and Akash chat with Martin MacDonald, comedian, social media guru and nutrition consultant. He talks about the importance of evidence-based nutrition information and how crucial is that people admit when they’re wrong. Covering the risks that come up with veganism, the problem of following crazes and how important social media is in advertising, he covers it all.

“Scientific literature shows that aggressive dieting leads to lower feelings of hunger than moderate deficits.”

Martin MacDonald

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[5:52] – How has your business skyrocketed to become so profitable and so successful?

[15:36] – How did your reach expand so quickly and so far across the globe?

[18:38] – What made you get into nutrition?

[22:22] – The importance of admitting when you’re wrong if you’re shown new credible information

[41:57] – Best tips a vegan can do for their diet – supplements, vegetables and knowing your stuff

[47:23] – The impact alcohol consumption has on weight loss.

[01:18:41] – Where do you see MNU going in the future?

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