Ep 347 - Hall Of Fame | Dhiren Patadia: 50kg Weight Loss @ 50 Years!

Aug 8th, 2023


Ep 347 - Hall Of Fame | Dhiren Patadia: 50kg Weight Loss @ 50 Years!

Sometimes you need an earth shattering moment to propel you to make a change. Dhiren had many all at once, including the birth of his son, and a serious word from his doctor. At 120kg just shy of 50 years old whilst being borderline pre-diabetic, he was told if he didn’t lose weight he’d have a heart attack before 60. What’s worse is the doctor said it’d probably be fatal. 

Dhiren had one thing on his mind: to watch his son grow up. And knowing RNT was the only place to get in shape and most importantly, learn how to stay in shape, the next step was obvious. Dhiren went all in, dropped right down to 68kg, and has completely transformed his mind, body and life. 

To see Dhiren’s 50kg weight loss in pictures, check out the case study linked in the show notes. If you’re ready to be inspired on your health and fitness journey, this is one you won’t want to miss.
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